Unpleasant odor from the mouth: causes and treatment

Every psychologist will tell you without exaggeration – all your troubles are hidden in your head. Doubts, self-doubt, low self-esteem and other troubles can easily be overcome only by the power of thought and belief in oneself. But what if the culprit of these psychiatric ailments is halitosis – an unpleasant odor from the mouth, […]

What types of brackets are right for you?

Who among us does not dream of a beautiful smile? If earlier even and snow-white teeth were the privilege of Hollywood stars – now with the help of braces you can fix your bite at any age. According to many, the bracket system is a complex and unsightly design that will spoil the appearance and […]

Diagnosis at the dentist: how is the examination

The first visit to the dentist is often associated with a sense of anxiety and excitement, and the kids – even fear. In order not to be afraid of dentists, let’s find out what will happen during the diagnostic visit. To make the most accurate characterization of your dental condition, specialists use subjective and objective […]

Caries and implantation of new teeth – in stages

Each child from the appearance of the first teeth is frightened by such an “evil and terrible gray wolf” – a terrible caries that necessarily overtakes if the baby will absorb a lot of candy or forget to clean the teeth. But is it really so, or do adults sometimes do not know what they […]

How the healing process proceeds after implantation of teeth

лечение зубов киев

Implantation is a modern method of prosthetics. Titanium implants are characterized by safety, durability and convenience. We will tell you about what happens after the implantation of teeth and what actions need to be taken to restore the recovery quickly and successfully. Timing of healing after implantation One of the indisputable advantages of this method […]

Dental crowns: types and features

Almost every person is brushing his teeth in the hope that the dental problems of the dental crowns will not affect him. But, due to genetic or anatomical features, improper cleaning or other reasons, it is necessary to visit. So, let’s figure it out … What is “dental crowns” and is it worth to be […]

A crack on the tooth: is it worth worrying?

трещина на зубах

Having found a crack on the tooth, many immediately go to the dentist to find out what to do next. This is undoubtedly the right decision, because for this unpleasant problem that spoils the aesthetic appearance of the teeth, serious consequences can follow. When treatment is necessary In fact, microcracks on tooth enamel are present […]

We read through the teeth: what diseases are hidden behind the caries?

что может сделать кариес

It is known that tooth diseases often lead to other diseases of the body. However, there is also feedback. Sometimes problems with certain incisors can indicate internal diseases, so you should know what to look for if there is a sudden toothache. Let’s understand and take into account useful information. We put the diagnosis in […]

Short bridle of tongue: prune or not?

Короткая уздечка языка

The diagnosis of the “short frenulum of the tongue” is heard by many parents while in the hospital. It is then before them there is a choice – do it undercut or not. The doctor in this case can only give recommendations. It is better if the examination is performed by a dentist, not a […]

Криві зуби: причини і небезпеки неправильного прикусу

Викривлення зубного ряду (неправильний прикус або, як його ще називають у народі «криві зуби») – це одна з найпоширеніших стоматологічних проблем. Згідно зі статистичними даними, від викривлення зубного ряду страждають в середньому кожні 8 з 10 чоловік, тобто майже 80 % населення планети. Але у кожної проблеми є рішення, і сьогодні ми розповімо вам про […]