Metal free ceramics

Metal-free ceramics are used in prosthetics due to external similarity with a natural tooth. The material is indistinguishable from healthy enamel due to the unique ability to refract light. Good cushioning properties reduce the load on soft tissue and prevent periodontal disease.

Wear resistance makes the ceramic tooth durable. The average term of its service is 7–10 years, which is 3–5 years longer than the period for using metal-ceramic. This material is well combined with others, and they, in turn, improve its characteristics.

If earlier a prosthesis made of metal-free ceramics was installed only on the front row teeth, now, when zirconium is added, it is successfully placed on painters. Zirconia – ceramic crowns perfectly cope with the chewing function due to resistance to mechanical damage.

Which ceramic prosthesis to choose

In addition to zirconium metal-free crowns in modern dental clinics use:

  • Porcelain teeth – they will give an excellent aesthetic look to your smile, but will be relatively fragile and will require careful treatment.
  • Crown of aluminum oxide – will please the aesthetic indicators, but still will not reach the strength of zirconium.
  • Ceramic-glass artificial teeth are lightweight and hypoallergenic, but prone to cracking.

If we talk about the shape of the prosthesis, the veneers are ideal in the case of a slight tooth decay, and a crown or tab with a sufficiently strong lesion of the external part of the tooth and the preserved root.

How a tooth is made of metalless ceramics at Swiss-Dent

Metal-free prosthetics will give your smile beauty and health if you react badly to metals. The Swiss-Dent clinic provides a frameless prosthetics service according to the following principle:

  • First, the patient’s oral cavity is diagnosed. Treatment is performed if necessary.
  • Next, an impression is taken from the affected area. </ li>
  • In collaboration with the patient, the desired color of artificial teeth is selected
  • A model of an artificial tooth row is made on a computer, after which the structure is turned
  • The obtained turned billet is immersed in a furnace and dried at a temperature of 15000С within 7 hours.

The price of the ceramic structure depends on the complexity of its manufacture and installation. The most expensive at cost are designs from zirconium, as the most durable and durable.

In the clinic, Swiss-Dent will select the best option for the cost of prosthetics for you, because the price of a beautiful smile is not so high if it turns to the right dental clinic.

By contacting the Swiss dent you can consult with real professionals, conduct a thorough diagnosis of the oral cavity and treatment if necessary.

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