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Dental clinic Swiss Dent
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by Елена on Dental clinic Swiss Dent

We have been treating the whole family for three years already, in this clinic, on the left bank! accidentally read reviews, some of which are negative, I decided to write! If we are talking about the branch on the street. Borispol, then this is the best clinic in which I was treated in Kiev! And I know what I'm saying, I am 48 years old, I have already seen something! Was in clinics in France, and in Hungary and in Canada !!! Maybe there are drawbacks, maybe administrators are not young girls, but rather weird women, maybe not a lot of ponts and bells and whistles, maybe, but the most important thing here is that they don’t cheat you, don’t waste money, and don’t do business, but try to help by all means and do and redo what they have done in other clinics! My name is Elena, I can recommend everyone with a clear conscience and confidence to be treated in Kiev at the Swiss-dent clinic! My phone, 0504734050, you can contact me, I will tell everything about this clinic, who needs it!

by Сергей on Dental clinic Swiss Dent

I put the implant on Borispol 4, there was no pain, although I was very afraid! Surgeon Alexander, such a surgeon-surgeon! But he did everything super! and the price is very pleasant compared to other clinics! I recommend!

by Людмила on Dental clinic Swiss Dent

For a long time, the whole company, without saying a word, chose the dental clinic "Swiss Dent" and we go to prevention and testing only there! They fell in love with this institution quickly - the doctors here are competent and caring. And most importantly - they have very sensitive, careful hands and are very attentive to the problems of patients. If you put a seal - this is for centuries, for sure! And the prices at Swiss Dent are very moderate.

by Елена on Dental clinic Swiss Dent

Doctors, dentists in the clinic - the experts are good, but I would also like very much that at Borispolsky the administrator would be more responsible in her work.

by Ольга Власенко on Dental clinic Swiss Dent

Excellent clinic) Appeared with his son - he needed to remove the milk teeth. We were documented by Maxim Andreyevich. I want to say that he is a professional with a capital letter) A person who knows his job and does it perfectly! Excited for anesthesia, for the process itself, because it was removed for the first time. It turned out to be in vain worried) The doctor goes to the dialogue, everything in the process shows and tells. At one time two teeth were removed, and the son did not even snap at all) And the main thing - with pleasure, went to the next reception. Now we have our beloved dentist))) Greetings to Maxim Andreyevich!

by Александр on Dental clinic Swiss Dent

I came to this clinic by chance, having found a campaign for dental implantation on the Internet! At first I didn’t believe the price, I thought that a divorce and probably many hidden and added payments! But I called and came! Everything is very cool! I put two implants! Now I’m waiting for the prosthesis! Thanks to the surgeon !!!!

by Вова on Dental clinic Swiss Dent

Falling on the training, and from the impact the front tooth went away. Arrived in the nearest dentistry at Boryspil, took a queue urgently. Quickly turned everything in place. I do not know what I was doing there, but the tooth is worth it. Thank you very much for the speed and professionalism!

by Юля Перевалова студентка on Dental clinic Swiss Dent

My tooth ached a lot, and I have an allergy to painkillers and I am afraid of dentists since childhood ((. A friend forcibly dragged to a dentist in a Swiss dent. There, he carefully healed his tooth and without an injection! Such a nice doctor that I stopped being afraid !!))))

by Максим Викторович предприниматель on Dental clinic Swiss Dent

I have a sudden date, but I smoke and have not been bleached for a long time. Well, I am on the eve of a date and ran into the "Swissdent." The girls are so clever, they promptly did both whitening and cleaning, and inspired a date! now I will do teeth whitening only in this dentistry

by Татьяна менеджер on Dental clinic Swiss Dent

The only dental clinic that worked in the output. the day when my tooth ached. She took a doctor Anastasia Viktorovna. I'm afraid of injections terribly, and she made the anesthesia so easily that I did not even notice !!! the seal stands, the tooth does not hurt. I'm happy!