Dental implantation


We install

Implants Alfa-Bio (Israel, premium segment)
9 990 grn., instead 15 000 grn.
All inclusive (surgery, implant, prosthetics – Ceramics)
Implants INNO(South Korea)
10 550 grn.
Implants Mega Gin(South Korea)
14 900 grn., turnkey
Implants Simpl Swiss (Swiss)
14 500 grn. , all inclusive
Implants Straumann (Swiss)
Price is negotiable


Implantation is the replacement of a missing tooth with a titanium structure. When the natural organ cannot be saved, this procedure allows you to fully restore its functions and prevent complications. A timely visit to the dentist helps to avoid the following problems:

  • Digestion due to poor chewing of food.
  • Thinning of bone tissue and displacement of the dentition.
  • Destruction of gums and adjacent teeth due to lack of a fulcrum.
  • Speech impairment.
  • Changing facial features.
  • Aesthetic unattractiveness.

Complete dental implantation in Kiev: the best prices and techniques

The longer you walk without teeth, the more these problems will manifest themselves. And for patients with severe complications this operation is impossible. Swiss-dent dentists will also choose another correction method, but it will be more expensive, so it’s better not to postpone the visit to a specialist.

Preparatory stages of implantation: dental diagnosis

Restoration of the dentition begins with an examination of the jaw. It must be healthy and without damage, otherwise the healing period will be delayed. Caries of adjacent teeth is removed before surgery to prevent the spread of infection. All that needs to be achieved at the preparation stage is the sterility of the oral cavity.

To assess the condition of bone tissue, a picture of the upper and lower jaw is taken. Based on the data obtained, a system is selected that will be implanted into the patient. At this stage, individual intolerance is taken into account, tests are carried out to avoid allergic reactions.

With severe deformation of the bone tissue, it is artificially increased. The donor bone is taken from the oral cavity of the patient or another person. The implantable material can also be of artificial or animal origin: it is made on the basis of calcium phosphate, pork or bovine bones.

Preparatory procedures at the swiss dent clinic are included in the cost of implantation. We select the best correction option so that everyone can afford a beautiful smile.

Tooth implantation operation: installation of the structure

The restoration of the function of a natural tooth allows the implantation of its artificial parts. The role of the root is played by a titanium implant made in the form of a screw. It is screwed into the jawbone and serves as a support for the upper part of the prosthesis. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, after which the waiting stage begins.

The process of implant engraftment takes from 3 to 6 months. After complete restoration of the gums, the patient returns to the doctor to install the abutment. This product in the form of a screw with a thread is screwed into an artificial root and forms a bed for the crown. At the end of the procedure, you must wait 15 days.

At the last stage, the visible part of the artificial tooth is installed – the crown. The patient chooses the material of its manufacture. Expensive systems are made from zirconium oxide. This material is hypoallergenic, takes root more quickly, and its light transmission is identical to natural. There is another option – cermets. This is a less practical way to restore a smile, but a budget one.

Implantation in 1 day: how is it done

The level of development of dentistry allows the installation of an artificial tooth in 1 day. This operation is called single-stage implantation and it is performed immediately after the extraction of a natural tooth. It differs from the classical method in that you do not need to expect the engraftment of the pin.

One stage implantation involves the installation of a conventional pin. Only in contrast to the classical method, the crown is mounted on it already 3 days after implantation. To avoid overloading the implant, dentists make the crown slightly lower than the rest.
This procedure is carried out only in the absence of one tooth. The implantation process can be carried out with the possibility of installing 4 or 6 pins. The first option is indicated with good tissue preservation and if the gums are healthy. The second – allows you to restore a smile with osteochondrosis and other bone diseases.

The cost of this procedure exceeds the classic. But if you want to save time, this is the best option. In order for the smile recovery process to go without complications, choose a proven clinic. Swiss-dent has all the necessary certificates for the procedures.

The best implantation clinic in Kiev: how to find us

Swiss-dent provides a wide range of services, ranging from computer diagnostics and orthopedics, ending with therapeutic dentistry and surgery. This means that you can be prepared for tooth restoration in the most difficult cases.

The installation of the crown will be carried out only after the successful completion of the remaining manipulations. We made them affordable so that every patient could have the opportunity to restore oral health.

You can get a Hollywood smile even with complex bone diseases. We will select the best methodology that will suit you for the price, time and quality.

We have doctors who are constantly developing, adopting foreign experience. These are certified specialists, experts in the field of implantology. Contact us when other doctors shrug.
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