Professional whitening

The radiant smile that can be obtained with professional whitening attracts not only everyone’s attention. She positively disposes to you around. However, the teeth come into contact daily with various coloring substances contained in food, cigarettes and alcohol.

About the peculiarities of professional teeth whitening

A snow-white smile is something that gives confidence to any of us. We spend a lot of money on our appearance: clothes, shoes, accessories, but we often forget about our body. But a beautiful snow-white smile can make you much more attractive and pleasant for others.

What is professional teeth whitening?

It is a dental procedure that helps to remove plaque and lighten the tooth enamel to the desired shade. For these purposes a special compound is used, the action of which is activated due to a special lighting lamp.

There are several methods of teeth whitening, but if you want really high quality and, most importantly, maximally harmless to yourself to carry out this process, it is best to use the procedure of professional teeth whitening offered in the network of dental clinics Swiss Dent.

Why the professional approach can be considered the most effective?

The matter is in several factors:

This way of working with tooth enamel is considered the most sparing, as it gently brightens, and the damage to the teeth while minimizing. With professional teeth whitening, patients feel excellent during and after the procedure.
The process of teeth whitening is controlled by a dental hygienist using only high-quality materials during work.
The procedure is completely painless, uncomplicated and not very long. All that is required of you is to come to the reception and relax, sitting in the dental chair.

Technology of lightening of teeth, contraindications to its application

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford professional teeth whitening, and the point here is not in the unavailability of the procedure, but in the state of the teeth of an individual client. Thus, bleaching is contraindicated in the following cases:

  1. Increased abrasion of the teeth. The only thing that can be advised here is to monitor the state of the enamel and maintain its natural tone.
  2. Cracks in the tooth enamel. The procedure is not recommended even after their treatment.
  3. Caries. Unfortunately, any of the stages of caries is a contraindication to teeth whitening. Even after his treatment, you should think twice before turning to a specialist. The fact is that after the bleaching procedure, lighten up only that part of the enamel, which was not affected by the seal.
  4. Braces. Wearing braces, of course, is a contraindication.

But, fortunately, after they are removed, you can immediately go to the desired procedure.

  1. Stomatitis or predisposition to it.
  2. Allergy to dental materials used for teeth whitening.
  3. Pregnancy and lactation.
  4. Age. Before coming of age, it is undesirable to address professional dentists.

The technique of professional teeth whitening, in principle, is very simple: a special concentrated composition is applied to the visible surface of the teeth. To activate the bleaching process, a special lamp, laser, etc. is placed over the teeth.

The mechanism of action of the drug is as follows: after applying the gel to the teeth, thermal activation of the bleaching process is carried out. Then the composition penetrates into the dental tissue, the pigment is oxidized and the tooth is bleached.

This process can be considered complete. Only a few days after the procedure, the teeth will be slightly sensitive, and then you can enjoy a luxurious result. If you want to have a snow-white beautiful smile, hurry up to us: in the network of dental clinics Swiss Dent you expect top-class specialists!

The dental clinic Swiss dent will return your teeth a pristine whiteness. By trusting professionals, you get high-quality and inexpensive teeth whitening. Kiev has already seen the advantages of the Swiss-dent clinic. Make sure you!