Dental treatment

According to the latest WHO data, 98% of the world’s population needs dental treatment. Whereas earlier people from poor countries fell into the risk group, today the number of cases has increased among citizens with middle and high incomes. A complete absence of natural dental tissue is observed in 30% of older people.

The reasons for the massive growth of diseases lie in the lifestyle. Improper nutrition, stress, bad habits, poor oral hygiene – all this affects the immune system, making it vulnerable. The most common diseases are infectious, bacterial in nature. Children suffer from them in the same way as adults.

Dangerous tooth diseases: treatment, symptoms, prevention

In 2013, WHO conducted a study which resulted in the publication of a list of the most common diseases of modern man. The Global Burden of Disease included 261 diagnoses. Caries has taken a leading position.

Common dental diseases

According to the results of the GBD study, the three most dangerous dental diseases can be distinguished:

  • Caries is an infection that affects 98% of the world’s adult population. It is hereditary in nature, therefore it is often observed in children from preschool age. The main symptom: a cavity on the surface of the hard tissues of the tooth. Reason for spread: Streptococcus mutans bacteria breeding in plaque on teeth.
  • Periodontitis is a bacterial infection that causes thinning of the gums. It is observed in 20% of the middle-aged population. Reasons: lack of vitamins, diabetes, smoking, poor hygiene, injuries of the oral cavity (including piercing). Symptoms: inflammation of the gums, purulent discharge, abscess, dental mobility.
  • Periodontal disease is a pathological process that develops inside the gums. Causes softening of the tissues around the tooth, which can lead to its loss. The main reasons: disruption of the digestive tract, diabetes. Symptoms: bleeding, softening of the gums, inflammation in the oral cavity.

Thanks to research, it was possible to identify the pattern. The incidence in countries such as Africa, Madagascar, Guinea, Nigeria, Malawi is more common. This is due to the lack of proper medical care in the field of dentistry.

Why do I need dental treatment right away

In the initial stages of the disease, they are asymptomatic – the tooth simply collapses from the inside. And when it comes to pain, it may turn out that the processes are already running and radical measures need to be taken. Untreated caries, periodontitis, periodontal disease cause diseases that are more difficult to cure.

To protect yourself from unpleasant consequences, visit your dentist once every six months for prevention. And take a few rules into service:

  • Remove sweet soda and candy from your diet. They leave plaque on the surface of the tooth, which triggers the development of oral infections.
  • Tobacco and alcohol are mucosal irritants. By giving up bad habits, you can protect yourself from periodontal disease.
  • Include more raw fruits and vegetables in your diet. These are natural mucosal cleaners for bacteria.
  • Daily cleaning is a must. Avoid frequent use of fluoride toothpastes. Better alternate with the usual.

And do not forget about prevention. Studies have shown that plaque is the most common cause of tooth disease. Hardened food debris is a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria. By eliminating them in time, you can protect yourself.

A new approach to dental treatment: how to avoid diseases

Swiss-dent Clinic offers an effective service for the prevention of caries – enamel cleaning. Ultrasonic tartar removal is carried out using a scaler. The procedure reduces the risk of developing bacterial infections of the tooth by 86%. It is carried out step by step:

  • Local anesthesia. Used only on patients with a low pain threshold.
  • Stone removal. Each tooth is treated separately. The method is suitable for getting rid of nicotine plaque.
  • Enamel polishing. Gives a sparkle to the smile. Abrasive paste is used for polishing.
  • Strengthening. Fluoride is applied to the entire dentition to strengthen the enamel.

This procedure is not recommended for persons under 18 years of age. People with heart implants, oncology, it is also prohibited. If it was not possible to avoid problems with teeth or gums, do not postpone going to the doctor. Modern clinics are equipped enough to make the treatment process quick and painless.

Caries, periodontal disease, periodontitis: a painless treatment

The principle of caries treatment is always the same – the removal of the affected part of the dental tissue with subsequent filling. But if earlier this procedure was carried out with almost a touch, now innovative technologies are being applied. Clinic specialists conduct thorough research before any manipulation.

A panoramic picture allows you to assess the degree of damage and identify problems that are not visible from the outside. The main task of the dentist is to eliminate the focus of infection in the oral cavity. Too sensitive patients, pain medication is given at any stage of treatment.

To eliminate periodontal disease and periodontitis is used:

  • Complete intraoral sanitation – includes removal of stones, strengthening of enamel, elimination of infections and affected tissues.
  • Physiotherapy – combines gum massage, electrophoresis, phototherapy, vacuum therapy, etc.
  • Surgery – artificial bone growth. Extreme measure used in the last stages of the disease.

Dentistry Kiev: services, address

Swiss-dent Clinic provides advanced dental services at affordable prices:

  • Elimination of intraoral infections of varying severity
  • Computer diagnostics
  • Prosthetics
  • Ultrasonic stone removal

The latest technological and medical base allows you to perform the procedure painlessly. You can find us at:

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