What types of brackets are right for you?

Who among us does not dream of a beautiful smile? If earlier even and snow-white teeth were the privilege of Hollywood stars – now with the help of braces you can fix your bite at any age.

According to many, the bracket system is a complex and unsightly design that will spoil the appearance and bring a lot of inconvenience, but is it so? In this article, we’ll look at the types of braces, and which ones are best for you.

What braces to choose: nuances, which are worth paying attention to

Installation of bracket systems from metal – a classical technique of correction of a teeth. If Ukrainians are afraid to put them because of an unattractive appearance, then abroad, metal braces are especially popular. The advantages of these systems are strength and democratic value. Such braces are of two types: self-ligating and ligature.

Choosing braces for children, preference should be given just ligature, because they are very durable and are performed in different colors. In addition, you can change the ligature every month.

When using self-ligating brackets, the need to change ligatures disappears, and the orthodontist will need to visit much less often. In the construction of this system, special locks are installed for securing the arc, and, if necessary, the arc can be easily removed. In the ratio of “price-quality” – this is the best braces.

The advantages of installing them are as follows:

  1. Low level of friction between the grooves and the arc, due to which the teeth change their position much faster than with the use of ligature systems.
  2. The design of ligatureless braces makes it easier to clean teeth.

Aesthetic appearance

Braces of sapphire / ceramic are perfect for those who do not want to attract excessive attention. The main feature of these corrective systems is their transparency. Thus, the braces take a shade of tooth enamel and become almost invisible. Let’s see, what braces are better – sapphire or ceramic?

Durable ceramics ideally repeats the color of tooth enamel, it is not colored with food additives and does not create glare in the light. Systems of sapphire should be installed only on snow-white teeth, because they are absolutely transparent and noticeably shine. In terms of quality, inexpensive bracelets made of sapphire can be very fragile, and when they are peeled off, you will have to install the system repeatedly, and this is not the cheapest pleasure. In addition, in cases where increased pressure is required on teeth, orthodontists recommend not installing ceramics or sapphires, but preferring metal braces.

Inexpensive bracket systems: plastic or combined version?

Plastic braces are the most affordable, however, they can be painted. If you have installed absolutely transparent plastic braces, during the wearing process they will necessarily acquire a shade. Their strength is also much lower than that of sapphire and ceramic systems, so you will have to avoid very solid food.

Combined systems are the best option for those who want to receive effective treatment without attracting attention to their smile. For example, on the upper jaw, you can install braces of transparent ceramics, and on the lower – a metal system.

In any case, to properly choose a braces system with all the features of your bite, you need to contact the orthodontist. Only a consultation of an experienced specialist will help you to choose the optimal method of teeth correction.