We read through the teeth: what diseases are hidden behind the caries?

It is known that tooth diseases often lead to other diseases of the body. However, there is also feedback. Sometimes problems with certain incisors can indicate internal diseases, so you should know what to look for if there is a sudden toothache. Let’s understand and take into account useful information.

We put the diagnosis in the teeth

According to experts of alternative medicine, each tooth is responsible for a certain internal organ in the human body. So, complexities with molars can signal diseases of the stomach or pancreas. If the incisors hurt, it is worth checking the kidneys and bladder. They are also responsible for the full functioning of the reproductive system.

Premolars are associated with the colon and lungs, but the fangs are responsible for the liver and gallstones. As for wisdom teeth, their soreness may indicate problems with the heart or blood vessels. Arrhythmia or varicose in this case, the most likely disease.

The condition of the gums is also interrelated with human health. Not without reason difficulties with them begin to appear after thirty. If you have problems with the gums, you should consult a dentist, but do not be too lazy to undergo an internal examination. In this case, it is better to be safe than then long and painfully treated for the existing disease.

Listening to official medicine

The feedback between the teeth and internal systems of the body is confirmed by official medicine. The most common disease – caries – can cause outbreaks of various infections in the nasopharynx. The causes of frequent tonsillitis and sinusitis can sometimes be useful in the teeth.
Also, from the complications in the oral cavity, the gastrointestinal tract suffers.

Inflammation of the tooth can cause pathogenic microbes to enter the digestive system and lead to gastritis. The most frequent manifestation of this disease is a constant bad breath.

Toothache often provokes the appearance of a headache, and sometimes a heartache. The fact is that the nerve of the incisor transmits signals to the central nervous system, which leads to the appearance of other unpleasant sensations. Here and a couple of painkillers will not help.

It is for the above reasons, you should carefully monitor the health of your own teeth. If you neglect their timely treatment, there is a risk of earning other more serious diseases. Prevention is also important, because it helps to identify problems in the initial stage.
Do not run your teeth, contact us and let your smile be not only beautiful, but healthy!