Teeth cleaning

After each meal, a plaque remains on the teeth, which quickly hardens and leads to the formation of a stone. The usual brush from solid deposits can not get rid of and they become the ideal environment for the development of pathogenic bacteria. Caries is the main cause of poor oral hygiene.

By thorough hygiene is understood not only daily brushing your teeth with rinsing. This is undoubtedly important, but does not eliminate 100% of the plaque. To perfectly clean every tooth, dentists periodically use a professional ultrasonic cleaning method.

The need for the procedure is determined solely by the doctor, so it is highly recommended to visit the dentist every six months for prevention. The patient himself can control the state of the teeth: if there is a smell from the mouth or enamel has darkened – urgently in dentistry.

The average person with healthy enamel needs to resort to professional dental cleaning every six months. The frequency may vary depending on the lifestyle: bad habits, frequent consumption of sweet food and drinks can aggravate the process of stone formation.

Professional teeth cleaning in Kiev

From 30 to 50 minutes – this is exactly what it will take to carry out professional dental cleaning at the Swiss-Dent clinic. Absolutely painless dentist will relieve you of plaque of any complexity. The work uses the tools of the new generation, which do not harm the enamel.

After the procedure, you will immediately notice that the teeth brighten a few tones. If you are not satisfied with the natural shade of enamel, in dentistry they will perform bleaching using the latest harmless technology. Not only natural teeth, but also braces with crowns will be able to clear deposits. Consultation with a doctor for free.

The advantage of the Swiss-Dent clinic is that they provide thorough oral hygiene. Clear from the deposits of the tooth surface, as well as the gums and the inner surface of the cheeks. Conducting such a procedure every six months you reduce the risk of periodontitis, periodontal disease and caries by 96%.

A professional approach to dental cleaning can be seen at the diagnostic stage. The doctor examines each tooth, and then announces which ones require immediate cleaning. For high-quality cleaning uses a special abrasive powder. It does not harm enamel, but the interdental space cleans perfectly.

How is professional tooth brushing in Swissop Dent

A special device helps doctors maintain oral hygiene. It directs a stream of air and water to problem areas. The secret of quick cleansing is that an abrasive is dissolved in water, which reacts with the coating and dissolves it.

Before cleaning the dentist must eliminate caries. Treated teeth are checked for the presence of darkened fillings. If there are any, new fillings are selected in the color of the renewed smile. As a result, you get a snow-white healthy smile without a hint of caries.

To achieve crystal clean teeth at home is impossible. But everyone can maintain their good condition. All you need to do is listen to the advice of professional dentists at the SwissDent clinic

  • Choose a toothbrush focusing on the state of enamel. If it is thin, take it soft, and if normal, take medium hardness.
  • Change the brush every 3 months. You should also avoid prolonged use of fluoride paste.
  • Drink coffee less often. This drink contains substances that darken the enamel.
  • Rinsing the mouth after each meal is a must. Brush your teeth in the morning, in the evening – no more, no less.
  • Brush your tongue and gums when brushing your teeth. Global oral cleansing eliminates bad breath.

The best dentistry in Kiev: how to find

If you need a professional cleansing of the oral cavity Swiss Dent will help. Here they work according to a unique proven method of PROPHYpearls. Powder with a neutral taste is applied to the tooth surface after which the pressure of water and air eliminate plaque.

Fast, painless technique is quite inexpensive. The price of 450 UAH is quite acceptable to maintain the beauty of your smile. Our experts are also engaged in solving other problems. For example, they can restore a broken tooth, as well as whiten the enamel. Contact us at:

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