Tab on the tooth

A split tooth brings not only psychological discomfort, but also harm to health. The chewing function is disturbed, the bite changes, digestion and speech apparatus suffer. Special dental tabs help to fully restore the beauty of a smile.

Unique micro-prostheses literally brought dentistry to a new level. They are made of the same material as the crowns, only natural dental tissue is partially covered. This greatly simplifies the restoration technology and speeds up the process of tooth restoration.

The tab is usually set when the natural tooth is destroyed by more than 60%. Since the design of the prosthesis is solid, it looks very natural and indistinguishable from natural dental tissue, and this is an advantage. If a small part of the bone is missing, such a prosthetic is used to restore the anatomical shape of the tooth.

The advantage of the tab is also in the fact that for its installation it is not necessary to grind the tooth to the nerve. The roots, like the pulp, remain intact, which should not be allowed when installing conventional crowns. If a tooth collapses due to caries, its re-development under the tab is unlikely.

Where to put a tab on a tooth in Kiev

High-quality and affordable tabs on the tooth set in the main dentistry in Kiev – Swiss-Dent. Here doctors of the highest category work – experts in the field of dentistry and orthodontics. A suitable microprosthesis is selected taking into account the results of diagnostics performed on Swiss equipment.

The advantage is that the doctors of the clinic own all methods of installing tabs on a tooth. They can restore the chewing surface, restoring the natural shape of the hillocks. Carry out the restoration of the partially destroyed tooth wall so that no one will notice the interference.

In especially difficult cases, the entire chewing part of the tooth and the wall are restored. And if a tooth is seriously destroyed, a splinting procedure is carried out using tabs. Thus stop the process of destruction of dental tissue and prolong its service life.

Swiss-Dent has all types of tabs known to dentistry: durable – metal, affordable – composite, aesthetically attractive – ceramic, expensive and attractive externally – combined. You can choose any.

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A tooth hurts under the tab: what to do

The microprosthesis on the tooth is set only after the treatment of the latter. First, remove the affected areas, making a cavity in the dental tissue and only then proceed to the restoration. Many people think that a treated tooth under a microprosthesis should not hurt, but this is not quite so.

Painful sensations the first 3 – 5 days after the procedure is quite natural. Irritated gums and nerves can hurt. But 5 days is the maximum period and if the acute, aching or pulling pain does not leave you more than a week, it is time to sound the alarm.

The first thing to do is contact a specialist for advice. In most cases, the pain is provoked by the patients themselves. Cold, hot, hard foods irritate the mucous membranes, so right after such a meal the pain can be maximal. During the recovery period it is better to eat something soft and warm.

The advantages of such prosthetics you can finally notice in a few months. The pad will not darken from staining food, will be indistinguishable from the natural dentition, will be durable. The price of a beautiful smile is the correct dentist.