About the clinic

Swiss Dent – swiss quality standard

Swiss precision for centuries is the quality standard sought by each craftsman. Our craft – a high dental art that gets customers to the highest standards. Providing dental services in Kiev, we strive to surpass the perfection of Swiss traditions. That is why our network of dental clinics it has a proud name Swiss Dent – the name of the swiss soul.

Dental clinic services in Kiev

«Swiss Dent» – really high quality dentistry. Kiev, left bank in particular, has long needed a truly professional dentistry. And it finally became real. It offers our Dentistry in Kiev on the left bank include: computer video diagnostics, prevention and treatment of dental caries, root canal treatment, aesthetic restoration of teeth, periodontitis treatment, ultrasonic cleaning teeth, professional bleaching, dentures, tooth alignment correction and surgery.

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "стоматологическая хирургия"

And, of course, dentist consultation, price which will surprise even the most discerning visitors to our dental clinic in Kiev.

Why «Swiss Dent»?

1. Interdisciplinary approach

A special pride of the dental clinic Swiss Dent – leading professional dentists. United under one banner, dentists Swiss Dent provide a multidisciplinary approach to dental customers. In the “Swiss dent” only the best specialists, the doctors I and the highest category. Doctors of our dentistry in Kiev regularly undergo training in clinics in Switzerland and Germany. Therefore, professionalism and care accompany the visitor dental clinic «Swiss Dent» during the visit.

2. Specialized dental directions

Key dentistry services «Swiss Dent» – is aesthetic restoration of teeth, prosthetics, as well as implantation in Kiev. But we are working with cases of different levels of complexity, without changing the tradition of Swiss craftsmanship. Within the walls of our dental office all the patient’s problems can be solved easily and comfortably. Need aesthetic restoration of teeth or dental implants? Kiev dentists face «Swiss Dent» is ready to welcome you with Ukrainian hospitality and perform all dental services with Swiss precision. Whether whitening or dental prosthetics (prices for these services will pleasantly delight), the correction of bite or gum disease – treatment of any diagnosis is quick and painless.

3. Inexpensive Dental: Kyiv pleasantly surprised at the cost

We strive to share the Swiss level of dental services to all. Therefore, our network of dentists – it’s incredibly loyal pricing policy. Due to the high professionalism of our doctors of dentistry in Kiev are able to provide services of decent quality at a reasonable price. In particular prosthetic teeth prices able to surprise even the modest budget!

Most comfortable dentistry in Kiev on the left bank waiting for you with any issues every day. Leave a request for callback: We call you back for free and determine a convenient time of the visit. If you are interested in dental implants in Kiev, and prosthetics prices, as well as aesthetic restoration of teeth, please let us further. Swiss dent in consultation with the dentist free of charge by writing to the dentist via the website, or to entrust the subsequent treatment of our teeth dentists.

To get a decent dental treatment (Kiev), refer only to professionals. But remember that the highest quality according to Swiss standards is available only in dental clinics Swiss Dent.