Clasp prosthesis

Suddenly a fallen denture is a terrible dream for all who lost more than one tooth, but not for those who decided to choose a piece of prosthetics for themselves. The name of the structure comes from the German “Bügel” – the arc, and this is the main secret of its reliability.

The byugel prosthesis is based on a metal frame of the arc type, which is attached to the sky. Holding at once two halves of the dentition, it reliably fixes the artificial teeth in its place and prevents them from falling out. This option is ideal for those who have teeth in different parts of the jaw.

Produce clasp frame from chromium, cobalt, titanium or zirconium – materials that are perfectly compatible with the human body. Expensive and durable models byugel made of alloys of gold and platinum. They are reliable, withstand intense chewing load.

The direct indication for the use of a clasp construction is the absence of three teeth in a row, however, even in the absence of one tooth, the doctor can choose in favor of prosthetics of this type. If you have periodontal disease, bruxism, a deep bite or a visible jaw defect, it is the bügel that will be the salvation.

What is the best type of denture to choose

The reliability of the prosthesis byugelny type is determined not only by the material from which it is made. Much more important is the mounting option used in the design. At the Swiss-Dent clinic, there are four such options at once, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Byugel, attached to the hook, is made solid, therefore fixing it to the sky is colossal. He does not move out of the place, holding in the desired position all parts of the artificial dentition. However, its metallic base may be noticeable when smiling.
  • Bugel on locks is difficult to manufacture and install. One part of the hook is attached to the patient’s tooth, the other is on the prosthetic element itself. Reliable fixation is ensured by simply locking the lock. The downside is that without turning the tooth to use this prosthetic element will not work.
  • The splinting element is indicated for patients with periodontal disease and noticeable teeth shakiness. Prosthetic technology is simple. To the row where the loose tooth is located, the wire is attached and holds it in a fixed position.
  • Byugel on crowns evenly distributes the chewing load, because it is attached to a healthy tooth. It looks as realistic as possible, but requires turning of healthy dental tissue, and this is a significant drawback.

The Swiss-Dent clinic performs the restoration of a smile only after a thorough examination of the patient. Such an approach makes it possible to restore a lost tooth in the most gentle way for healthy tissues.

Stages of clasp prosthetics at the clinic Swiss Dent

Referring to the clinic Swissst dent for the restoration of a lost tooth, be prepared for the fact that the doctor will have to visit several times. First, our specialist will make an x-ray of the oral cavity in order to obtain comprehensive information about the condition of your jaw. In the future, you may need a panoramic picture and treatment.

If according to the results of the diagnosis, it turns out that the braided version of the prosthesis is the most optimal in your case the further procedure will be as follows:

  • Sanitation of each tooth to be prosthetic.
  • Taking pictures for a pre-selected type of construction.
  • Making a frame base with all its components in a dental laboratory.
  • Fitting and fitting the prosthetic element to the desired parameters.
  • Installing a new tooth or tooth in the mouth.

Byugel prosthetic element is good because the period of getting used to it is minimal. It does not press on the sky, does not distort the taste sensations, but in the mouth it feels like quite natural. In a month, the presence of an artificial tooth will remind you only of an arc in the sky.

How to live with a clasp prosthesis

Swiss-Dent dentists at the Kiev clinic claim that no special care will be required for:

  • Removing the clutch element is only needed for cleaning – in the morning and in the evening.
  • After each meal, it is advisable to rinse your mouth with running water without removing the arc.
  • To clean each tooth on the shank should be a special paste and a brush with soft bristles.

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