How the healing process proceeds after implantation of teeth

Implantation is a modern method of prosthetics. Titanium implants are characterized by safety, durability and convenience. We will tell you about what happens after the implantation of teeth and what actions need to be taken to restore the recovery quickly and successfully.

Timing of healing after implantation

One of the indisputable advantages of this method of prosthetics is that already the day after the operation the patient can return to normal life.

After 7-10 days after implantation, the dentist removes the stitches. Sometimes this procedure can be postponed for several days or even weeks, for example, if the gum after tooth implantation is highly inflamed or other temporary complications have occurred.

The healing itself after implantation of teeth takes on average 2-4 months. The recovery process depends on:

• Physiological characteristics of the patient;
• his age and sex;
• compliance with the recommendations of the doctor.

An important role is also played by the implant placement site. For example, if it was implanted in the lower jaw, then healing takes place within a half to two months. For the upper jaw, the optimal time for complete recovery is 2-3 months.

How to accelerate the healing after implantation of teeth

The field of surgery the doctor gives the patient recommendations that will help make recovery quick and painless.

A few hours after the implant is installed:

• Cool the cheek skin with ice cubes or cooling dressings to prevent edema;
• lie as low as possible in order not to increase blood pressure in the head;
• Wait with food and hot drinks until the anesthesia has come to an end to avoid pain after dental implantation, which can result from unintentional burns of the mucosa or bite of the cheek.

Doctors categorically forbid during the recovery period:

• alcohol consumption;
• Smoking;
• exercise and excessive physical activity;
• visiting the sauna and swimming pool;
• consumption of spicy and solid food.

We care for teeth correctly

No less important for healing and care after implantation of teeth. Dentists recommend the first time to abandon the toothbrush and rinse the mouth with an antibacterial solution. To the usual brushing of teeth can be returned only when all swelling and inflammation subsided. It is worth taking care that the brush is soft, does not damage the teeth and gums during the care of the oral cavity.

Patients who have undergone implantation are advised to use a rinse aid or irrigation agent – its pulsating water streams will allow the mouth to be cleaned in the most inaccessible places to which the brush simply can not reach.

Plus, the mandatory rule remains the regular visit to the dentist, which is relevant for everyone. Inspection once a year will provide an opportunity to prevent new problems with the teeth, make sure that the operation was successful and the beauty of your smile does not threaten anything.