Photo Whitening Magic Smile

Healthy teeth by nature have a shade of ivory, but you can achieve a snow-white smile only by whitening your teeth. Modern dentistry offers many methods to achieve dazzling whiteness, but not all of them are safe.

Magic Smile whitening is recognized as one of the safest today. Its principle is to apply carbamide peroxide gel to the teeth. Under the influence of an ultraviolet lamp, the material penetrates into the cracks on the enamel and thus the whitening effect is achieved.

The procedure is absolutely painless, takes from 15 to 30 minutes, and the effect is noticeable after the first application of the whitening gel. The patient’s natural teeth brighten 10 to 12 tones and retain color for a year. You can prolong the effect of the procedure if you do not eat dyeing foods.

Along with whiteness in some patients, tooth sensitivity appears. At the Swiss-Dent Clinic, it is easily eliminated by remineralization. By applying mineral components to the enamel, the doctor restores its natural structure and the negative consequence of the procedure is completely eliminated.

Unique features of Magic Smile photo-whitening

The main safety secret is the material used in bleaching. Unlike hydrogen peroxide, which is applied to each patient’s tooth during classical whitening, carbamide peroxide during photobleaching Magic Smile acts gently and does not cause irritation.

Activate the bleaching process does not help ultraviolet, and LED lamp. It emits cold light, so burns are excluded. A quick but lasting effect is achieved due to the granular active components contained in the bleaching agent.

By applying the method, it is possible not only to change the shade of each tooth, but also to restore damaged dental tissue. Chips, cracks on enamel, bare edges and sensitivity – all this is eliminated at the whitening stage using this innovative technique.

Is it worth preparing for Magic Smile whitening

Undoubtedly yes, if you want to avoid negative consequences and prolong the effect of whiteness. At the Swiss-Dent Clinic, the patient’s oral cavity is first examined for caries. Each tooth affected by the infection is treated, after which the desired shade of the dentition is selected.

If there are fillings on the teeth, they eliminate them, and temporary ones are put in place. This is a necessary measure because the material for fillings cannot be whitened and will stand out against the background of processed healthy teeth. In the future, they are replaced by permanent ones, matched to the color of already whitened teeth.

Doctors of the Swiss dent clinic have a special approach to patients with increased dental sensitivity. They treat each tooth with a special soothing composition, and then proceed to enamel remineralization. Such manipulations can reduce sensitivity and make photo-bleaching painless.

Make photo-whitening magic smile in Kiev

Swiss dent clinic provides professional photo-whitening at an affordable price. The procedure is performed in several stages in compliance with all safety standards:

  • Apply a protective gel to the lips and gums so as not to damage them during processing.
  • Dental tissue is treated with whitening gel. Depending on how fast the result is required, they can be applied once or 3 times.
  • The LED lamp is turned on for 15 minutes to activate the whitening gel.

Getting dazzling white teeth is not so difficult. It is enough to contact the address:

  • Left bank, Kiev, st. Borispolskaya 4,
  • Right bank, Kiev, st. Zhilyanskaya, 47,
  • Brovary: st. Kiev 245 (forest district)