MEGAGen dental implants

MEGAGen – an innovative breakthrough in the implant system. Representatives of the Korean brand were able to introduce new technologies in prosthetics. The result was implants that exactly repeat the patient’s dental root and provide 100% survival rate.

The main feature of the MEGAGen system is that it can be modified, depending on the characteristics of the patient’s jaw. The unique design of the thread ensures stable fixation even with bone atrophy, and the elasticity of the material ensures a uniform load in the absence of a tooth.

To date, three types of megagen implants have been developed:

  • Regular Thread – designed for normal bone. Used when there are no gum defects. Lightweight and durable. It is considered versatile, complemented by a thread with self-tapping properties that provide fast survival.
  • Deep Thread – suitable for soft bone since it provides deep immersion of the implant. Has a narrowed shape to the bottom to reduce the load on soft tissue. Implant implantation is low-impact, which guarantees fast survival.
  • Special 7mm is an innovative development designed for embedding into an atrophied bone. Used for uneven deformation, as well as with a strong lack of bone tissue.

The development of Korean scientists has made implantation accessible to everyone. Now the technology uses advanced dentistry of the world.

How Swiss-Dent dental implantation is carried out

Dentists of the clinic install the MEGAGen system after careful examination of the patient’s oral cavity. Computed tomography on the latest German equipment ensures accurate diagnostics. In accordance with the data obtained, an individual treatment plan is developed:

  • The area of ​​the gum that requires intervention is investigated, the least traumatic and reliable method of the procedure is chosen.
  • If there is too much bone deficiency, plastic is held. The gums are artificially expanded, after which the implant is injected.
  • For reliable fixation of the system, the option of two implants is considered at once.
  • Each implant is designed strictly individually, after which the abutment is installed.
  • Crowns designed by MEGAGen provide maximum aesthetics to an artificial dentition.
  • Each prosthesis is designed individually for a specific patient so that artificial teeth cannot be distinguished from natural ones.
  • The cost of the service is negotiated with the patient in advance </ li>

The MEGAGen system allowed Swiss-Dent specialists to install prostheses quickly and with a high degree of reliability.

Benefits of MEGAGen

MEGAGen provides 100% survival due to the well thought-out form of implants:

  • The surface of the system is enriched with calcium, for faster healing of the gums.
  • Thoughtful carving reduces trauma during bone implantation.
  • The load is distributed evenly, thereby avoiding bone atrophy.
  • The implantation procedure is accelerated due to the less traumatic implant installation.
  • Guaranteed aesthetics due to the obliquity of crowns in their visible part.

The price of a healthy and beautiful smile is not always too high. Sometimes you just need to contact a good dental clinic and find the best treatment option for yourself. Dentistry Swiss-Dent can offer many such options. You just need to know where to turn.

Swiss-Dent clinic: where to find, price of MEGAGen implantation

Swiss-Dent dentistry is not only innovative equipment, the latest technology, affordable prices, experience. This is the professionalism of doctors, supported by practice in the best dental clinics in Europe. All the subtleties of working with megacin are thoroughly studied by experts.

If you have a complicated dental case, and not a single clinic is going to solve the problem, you can contact us. We will select the best treatment option, We have reasonable prices for services, so everyone will be able to afford a healthy smile.

The cost of services is significantly affected by the patient’s oral cavity condition, so we recommend contacting the dentist as early as possible. Care and prevention – – the main components that will help reduce the price of services.

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