Teeth Whitening Beyond Polus

Do you regularly take care of your oral cavity, but do your teeth remain yellow? Are you embarrassed to smile broadly due to cracks in the enamel? Want to have a Hollywood smile like American movie stars? Use the professional whitening service and be proud of the beauty of your teeth.

The innovative “beyond polus” technology has turned whitening into a truly effective and harmless procedure. Its principle is to apply hydrogen peroxide based composition to the enamel. Under the influence of the unique LightBridge tube system, the composition penetrates into each darkened area of ​​the tooth.

The technique beyond polus differs from classical whitening in that the enamel is not irritated with peroxide during photobleaching. Under the influence of a lamp, this component decomposes into water and oxygen. As a result – a dazzling white smile, no harm to the mucous membrane and incredibly fast effect.

The procedure allows you to make your teeth whiter by 12 tones. But specialists at the Swiss-Dent Clinic claim that the main thing in this matter is not to overdo it. The teeth should not be crystal white, because it does not look natural. However, it all depends on the patient’s desire. The maximum effect is easily achievable.

How is Beyond Polus bleaching carried out in Kiev

Sweet Dent Clinic demonstrates a special approach to teeth whitening. Here, the patient’s dentition is first examined for problem areas. Then processing is carried out with the composition, but only in those areas that really require it.

For sensitive teeth, a filter is provided in the tube system. It reduces the intensity of the apparatus and the whitening process is quick and painless. The duration of photobleaching is only 30 minutes. Before applying the composition, tartar must be removed and caries is treated.

Despite the harmlessness, whitening is not suitable for everyone. It is not carried out:

  • Persons under 16 years of age since enamel is still forming at this age.
  • Pregnant and lactating, because the body’s response can be unpredictable due to hormonal surges.
  • People with severe allergies are first tested for compatibility with the components of the bleach.
  • Patients with increased abrasion of enamel may also be denied whitening, but they will offer an alternative – snow-white crowns.

The doctor installs temporary fillings on partially damaged teeth. After photobleaching, permanent fillings are selected anew according to the color of updated teeth. To protect the mucous membrane, special limiters are placed in the patient’s oral cavity before turning on the lamp system.

For professional photobleaching beyond polus, please contact:

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  • Right bank, Kiev, st. Zhilyanskaya, 47,
  • Brovary: st. Kiev 245 (forest district)