Fluoridation of teeth in children

In the era of general infection with caries, tooth fluoridation has become very popular. The technique is actively used in pediatric dentistry in order to prevent the formation of carious cavities on the tooth enamel. The procedure is prophylactic, but it is also used to protect the teeth of children from plaque, sensitivity, and exposure to acids.

The optimal age for fluoridation of teeth is 2 years. If from this period the doctor discovered a carious spot in the child, he is most likely to prescribe the fluoridation procedure. This will prevent the development of infectious gum diseases, which means that in the future the child will not suffer from the effects of bone atrophy.

The main advantage is that the process of fluorination is absolutely painless. Its principle is to apply to the tooth a substance that saturates bone tissue with fluoride ions. Also use the method of donning mouth guard with fluorine. This technique is good only at the initial stage of tooth decay. It is no longer possible to cure deep and medium caries with fluoride alone, so you shouldn’t delay with a trip to dentistry.

Features of fluoridation of teeth: indications and contraindications

Fluoride and calcium – the main materials for fluoridation of teeth. They make the enamel durable and resistant to the bacterial environment. Fluorine is able to interfere with the vital activity of bacteria, and calcium saturates the tooth, making it strong. But despite all the advantages of these materials and a number of features:

  • Their action is not constant, therefore, the procedure of fluoridation of teeth is recommended to be held once a year.
  • Fluorine oversupply is harmful: the teeth become crumbly, stiffness of the ligaments and joint ablation occurs.
  • If you frequently use fluoride toothpaste, you can lose a tooth due to excessive crumbliness.

This technique is used for:

  • tooth sensitivity
  • pain when cleaning
  • flying
  • carious cavities in the initial stage </ li>

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