All types of prosthetics

The dental clinic “Swiss-dent” takes care of its clients, therefore any dental prosthetics is accompanied by a comprehensive examination and treatment.

Вид услугиСтоимость
Металлокерамическая коронкаот 2200 грн. 3300 грн.
Виниры керамическиеот 4500 грн. 5700 грн.
Частичный съемный пластинчатый протез с кламерамиот 1600 грн.
Полный съемный пластинчатый протезот 2000 грн.
Коррекция съемного протезаот 100 грн.
Перебазировка съемного протеза лабораторным методомот 400 грн.
Металлический бюгельный протез с кламерной фиксациейот 3700 грн.
Ацеталовый бюгельный протезот 4500 грн.
Металлический бюгельный протез с ацеталовыми кламерамиот 4700 грн.
Нейлоновый съемный протезот 2000 грн.
Ацеталовый съемный протез на один-два зуба("бабочка") от 1700 грн.
Диагностические моделиот 150 грн.
Моделировка предварительная (воском или фотополимером)от 200 грн.

Why are important teeth?

Many patients do not give proper attention to healthy teeth.

In consequence of this, many times they lose. Tooth loss carries over a lot of complications for the patient:

  1. On the neighboring teeth have to more load during chewing, which can be cause of toothache in future.
  2. Eating becomes not comfortable: in the interstices of the food gets stuck, then the patient may receive inflammation of the gums or caries occurrence.
  3. Deteriorating food because of chewing difficulties: from many products have to refuse.
  4. Begin to sink down the cheeks, which leads to worsening appearance.

What do you do if you lost tooth? Necessary registrer in a dental consultation, to choose the right dental prosthetics and prices.

Beautiful smile with Swiss-dent

Swiss-dent – dentistry, prosthetics which allows not only restore the integrity of the dentition, but to return the beautiful natural smile.

Prosthesis can be divided into three types:

1. Removable dental prosthesis is based on the manufacture of denture that replaces the complete or partial absence of teeth.

Removable dentures Kiev perceived positively, as this is a very inexpensive way to solve the problem.

However, this method dental prosthetics price is one of the few advantages. For the normal attachment of the prosthesis must be a sufficient number of their teeth, or the use of additional fixing materials.

2. Non-removable prosthetics involves fabrication of special designs that fixed dental cementitious materials in the oral cavity and can not be removed by the patient. An example of this prosthetics is an cermet crown. Kiev, price where such products are often very high, but the quality is poor, it is constantly in search of the ideal ratio. And here it is the solution: Swiss-dent dentistry, prosthetics which is of high quality and reasonable prices.

3. «Swiss-dent» combined offers dentures on implants. This method allows use dentures on implants, which are implanted in the patient’s mouth, providing a secure fit and aesthetic appearance of teeth.

Swiss-dent dental care with customer!

Diagnostics, dental prosthesis, treatment – indispensable factors that make it possible to not only high-quality dentures or crown on a tooth, but also to ensure the health and long life customer teeth.

Dental clinic “Swiss-dent» cares about its customers, so any dental prosthesis accompanied by a comprehensive examination and treatment teeth.