Surgery (removal, implantation)

For the majority of people dental surgery limited tooth extraction, however, the range of branch services is much wider than it seems.

Хирургия (удаление и имплантация зубов)Стоимость
Удаление зубов
Удаление однокорневого зубаот 500 грн
Удаление двухкорневого зубаот 600 грн
Удаление трехкорневого зубаот 700 грн
Удаление молочного зуба500 грн
Осложненное удаление (сложное)от 900 грн
Атипичное удаление восьмого зуба (зуба мудрости)от 1200 грн
Резекция верхушки корня1800 грн


«Sviss Dent» ensures quality and safe surgery.

You can always make an appointment our experienced dental surgeon with a list of questions:

  1. Dental implants;
  2. Prosthetics on implants;
  3. Removal of a tooth;
  4. Removal of wisdom teeth;
  5. Identifying the causes of gum disease;
  6. Treatment of diseases of the salivary glands;
  7. Treatment of periodontitis and so on.

Toothache – one of the most potent for humans because clinic Swiss-dent uses only quality materials, which allows quick and painless remove teeth in Kiev. It is also worth mentioning wisdom tooth, removal which may well have a variety of complications, including due to the poor quality of anesthesia.

The patient must undergo an X-ray before the start removal of a tooth. Kiev rentgenkabinetom has many, but a lot more comfortable when they are in the hospital grounds.

In our dentistry at Borispolsky available implantation. Price for this service is quite acceptable for the majority of customers, because it is often implantation in Kiev is too expensive.