Milk teeth treatment

Baby teeth require treatment as often as permanent ones. They are subject to the same diseases as “adults”, only destroyed much faster. If you find inflammation or caries in the baby’s mouth, immediately contact your dentist.

The started diseases of milk teeth are more difficult to treat, because they are rapidly progressing. Without going to the dentist today with a carious spot in a week, you can get into dentistry with deep caries. If you allow pulpitis, then the tooth will have to be removed at all, and this is an undesirable measure.

Premature removal of milk teeth contributes to the formation of abnormal bite in children. Broken bite, in turn, causes problems with digestion and speech, and also contributes to the abrasion of teeth. To avoid complications up to 12 years old, take the child to the dentist once every 3-4 months.

Swiss-Dent milk teeth treatment rules

Clinic Swiss Dent treats milk teeth at any stage of the disease. For accurate diagnosis, there is a laser device. He examines the oral cavity from all sides, and with the slightest deviation from the norm, it beeps. So it is possible to identify even diseases that are not yet visible to the eye.

Laser diagnosis is used in the treatment process. For example, when bacterial-affected dental tissue pieces are removed and you need to check how carefully the work is done. Depending on the results obtained, the most effective method is appointed.

In the clinic, Swiss Dent resort to modern methods of caries treatment – ozone therapy. It is effective only in the initial stages of the disease, but it passes painlessly and quickly. Only 20 – 40 seconds – and your child’s baby teeth are completely clean of disease-causing bacteria.

How to prepare a child for visiting pediatric dentistry

To visit the pediatric dentist is not exciting for the child should be prepared in advance:

  • Praise the doctor by describing him as kind Aibolit
  • Tell about possible manipulations so that the child doesn’t scare anything
  • Drive your baby regularly for routine check-ups (preferably to the same doctor)
  • Be an example for your child by showing courage at the doctor’s office.

Remember that it is easier to prevent the disease than to eliminate it, so do not neglect the home methods of care for baby teeth:

  • Clean your child’s teeth up to 2 years old with wet gauze worn on a finger, and from 2 years old, teach them to use a soft brush.
  • Children’s dentistry should be visited for the first time when a child’s first baby tooth has erupted.
  • Diversify the diet of the child with calcium-containing foods.

The best dental clinic in Kiev: addresses, prices

Swiss-Dent dentists treat baby teeth without being noticed by a child. They use absolutely painless methods to prevent caries: ozone therapy. Also conduct a thorough diagnosis to prevent diseases that have not yet manifested themselves. Dentistry is located at:


  • Left Bank, st. Boryspil 4,
  • Right bank of st. Zhilyanskaya 47


  • st. Kiev 245 (forest quarter).