Zirconium crowns

Zirconium prosthesis has important characteristics for high-quality tooth restoration – strength, aesthetics, abrasion resistance. It is malleable and easily adapts to the patient’s natural dental tissue. Does not cause rejection even for allergy sufferers.

The zirconium crown serves 7-10 years, which is twice the shelf life of ceramics and cermets. The thickness of the material from 0.3 to 0.5 mm allows you to grind the enamel when installing the structure to a minimum. For bridge prosthetics, this feature is especially important, because adjacent teeth also require minimal turning.

The material is light, so trauma to the gums during installation and wearing of the prosthesis is excluded. The zirconium structure is suitable for the correction of both the chewing and the front tooth, because it is durable. It withstands chewing load twice as much as ceramics, and cermet “wins” aesthetics.

Despite the high cost, a zirconium crown is actively used in modern dentistry. The price is justified by quality, however, much depends on the professionalism of the doctor. If you want to get a really beautiful smile for many years, contact Swiss-Dent dentistry.

Install a turnkey zirconium crown in Kiev

This is exactly what the Swiss-Dent dentistry provides. The procedure is carried out under the close supervision of orthodontists – specialists working with the material for many years. They take experience from Swiss and German specialists, in especially difficult cases, establish contact with dentists in Europe.

The manufacture of the prosthesis is carried out by computer simulation. Pre-casts of the jaw are made, and adjacent teeth are examined for readiness for prosthetics. The simulated prosthesis in the dental laboratory is given a natural shade.

Zirconium material allows the doctor to vary with the shades of the tooth. At the request of the patient, the color of the artificial row may vary by several tones. This is especially true in the smile zone. The prosthesis frame is grinded on a milling machine. It is quite durable.

The doctor decides to establish a permanent zirconium prosthesis only after fitting and fitting. For the period of manufacture, the patient is given a temporary crown to which he gets used. This is a very important stage of prosthetics, which significantly affects the further quality of life of the patient.

Put the zirconium crown: what to do next

Zirconium material is also good because it does not require special care. Standard oral hygiene is sufficient to maintain the crown in good condition for many years. In dentistry, Swiss-Dent is advised to use a thin-bristled brush to better clean every artificial tooth.

You can eat anything with a zirconium crown. It does not oxidize like metal and retains aesthetics throughout its entire service life. Coloring products affect zirconium in the same way as any natural tooth: they slightly darken the shade. You can eliminate the defect in dentistry Swiss Dent.

Confuse a zirconium tooth with a natural one can not only others, but also the patient himself. A zirconium crown has low thermal conductivity, so that the teeth under the cover do not respond to temperature changes. The most comfortable sock.

Swiss Dent Clinic in Kiev will help every patient. Complex clinical cases and cosmetic defects will be eliminated as soon as possible and at an affordable price. It is necessary to restore the tooth or to preserve the natural one, placing the crown unimportantly. It has all the technology.

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