Children’s dentistry

Pediatric dentistry in Kiev: features, addresses, prices

A visit to a dental clinic for a Soviet child was torture. Many now remember how they were held in a chair by force and drilled their teeth without anesthesia. The terrible sounds of the drill left an indelible mark on the psyche of everyone who crossed the thresholds of “dental” cabinets at that time.

Swiss-dent Clinic dictates new rules for the treatment of children’s teeth. Here the doctor has an important mission – to be a psychologist, educator, best friend and professional in one person. The process of examination and diagnosis turns into an adventure, and the procedures go quickly and painlessly.

To maintain a calm atmosphere, Swiss-dent specialists have everything:

  • European dental instruments. They do not scare the child, turning the treatment process into a game.
  • Gentle painkillers. Do not harm the body, but only temporarily dull the feeling of pain.
  • Bright consumables (fillings, cement). With them, the baby feels unique, and only pleasant emotions remain from visiting the doctor.

Parents of young patients are often convinced that milk teeth should not be treated. Professional dentists have a different opinion.

What is a milk tooth and why should it be treated

A child is born with a small jaw, so permanent teeth do not cut through immediately. They persist in the gingival socket and move as the jaw grows and forms. During this period, temporary teeth perform a chewing function for them.
Ideally, a temporary tooth will fall out when its roots are completely resorbed. During this time, the permanent “heir” is in the right place, which allows him to grow even, to form the correct bite. What happens if a temporary tooth falls out earlier?

  • Neighboring teeth move to close the space and restore chewing function.
  • Speech deteriorates in a child, because it takes longer to cut a permanent tooth.
  • There are psychological problems: complexes, moods, bad mood.
  • If the removal occurred due to caries, which was not healed on time, permanent dental tissue leaves already affected by the disease.
  • Diseases spread throughout the oral cavity, affecting healthy teeth.
  • A child injures the gums due to a mastication function, inflammation appears in the oral cavity.
  • An open hole in the gum is an entry for infection. Stomatitis, tonsillitis, acute respiratory viral infections, herpes easily attack an unprotected organism.

It is also impossible to postpone treatment because of the fact that children have an accelerated metabolism and all processes in the body occur quickly. In our practice, there are cases when caries of primary teeth in a few days passed from a carious spot to pulpitis.

Pediatric dentistry at Swiss-dent: how we work

In our work, it is important to maintain the psychological comfort of young patients. We strive for the baby to perceive what is happening as a game. When he is passionate, treatment does not cause negative emotions. Our experts find an approach to any child.

  • Show cartoons. The reception works even with restless children.
  • Tell stories. Distract attention from any manipulations, so that the child does not even notice them.
  • Allow you to touch dental instruments. This helps relieve discomfort.
  • Every process is discussed with the child, but is veiled. This forms the correct perception of what is happening. The kid understands that treating teeth is important, but not scary.
  • Talk about proper oral hygiene. Learn to use a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Special attention is paid to the physical sensations of the baby:

  • Any disease is treated with anesthesia.
  • Painkillers are injected with an ultra-thin needle so that the child does not feel it.
  • A modern German drug is used for anesthesia that does not cause numbness.

It is noticed that the condition of our patients is largely dependent on the parents.

How to prepare your child for pediatric dentistry

A trip to the dentist must be agreed in advance:

  • Warn the child about the upcoming procedure in a few days. Set up for a positive result.
  • Tell us what the doctor will do. Gently mention possible discomfort.
  • Buy a set of young dentists. So the baby will endure the event with less stress.
  • Tell a story about how little teeth were treated bravely. Become an idol for a child.
  • Praise the doctor by creating the image of a good aibolit.
  • If you are near a child during treatment, do not panic. Children subtly feel the mood of their parents.

Practice shows that those children whom the parents brought simply for consultation are better able to communicate with the doctor.

When to visit a dentist for children.

A routine oral examination is done every year. If acute pain, stains on enamel, gum disease occur, a doctor is consulted immediately. The formation of teeth and bite ends at 16 years old. It is important not to neglect the examinations of specialists, both for kids and adolescents.

Kiev pediatric dentist: where to find

Swiss-dent Clinic is a modern approach to dentistry. European equipment, qualified staff, an individual approach to patients and all this at an affordable price. The best specialists here perform:

  • Diagnostics
  • Strengthening deciduous teeth
  • Restoration of permanent teeth in adolescents
  • Bite Alignment
  • Treatment of diseases of the oral cavity

The cost of services depends on the neglect of the case. Look for us at:

  • Right bank: st. Zhilyanskaya, 47 (Kiev)
  • Left bank st. Borispolskaya 4 (Kiev)
  • st. Kievskaya 245 (Brovary, Kiev region)