Bone atrophy

The prolonged absence of a tooth causes not only impaired speech and chewing function, but also bone atrophy. Due to the lack of load, the jaw gradually decreases in size, becomes thin. This entails a number of external changes.

First, the shape of the face changes. The man looks tired, not healthy. Secondly, there are problems with digestion, caused by poor chewing of food. But the main problem of atrophy is the impossibility of implantation of implants for prosthetics because they have nothing to fix.

The Swiss dent clinic, of course, conducts bone buildup, but this process is complex. It is better not to delay the approach to the implantologist, and when necessary, resort to a sinus lifting procedure or bone implantation. Remember that under removable designs, bone tissue also atrophies.

Degrees of bone atrophy: external signs, methods of elimination

Deformity of the gingival bone after the removal of the tooth occurs gradually. Initially, there is a slight drooping of the cheeks, as well as a jutting out. At this stage, the installation of an artificial tooth can save the situation because the blood supply is not yet disrupted.

At the second stage, the process begins to get worse: the cheeks sink more, the reduction of the mucous membrane is observed. Prosthetics at this stage can still be, but only after a thorough diagnosis. Atrophy becomes more visible even to the naked eye.

In the third stage, there is a deformation of the bone tissue not only on the inside of the mouth, but also on the side of the chin. The face is completely modified due to the displacement of the dentition and the thinning of the gums. It is impossible to introduce an artificial tooth into the oral cavity without prolonged treatment at this stage.

Swiss dent atrophy treatment: methods, prices, addresses

The most effective method of treating tissue atrophy today is sinus lifting. This procedure allows you to build gums by implanting in the affected area of ​​artificial bone. The operation is carried out in an open and closed way. The method of treatment is selected individually.

No less effective is the timely installation of an artificial tooth or bridge. The sooner the recovery process takes place, the easier it will be to treat to restore the gums.

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