Dental prosthetics on implants

Stages, cost, technologies – dental prosthetics on implants

Prosthetics is an operation to restore the dentition. It allows you to resume aesthetics, as well as the functional features of hard tissue and is carried out in stages. First, the oral cavity is treated, the affected bone tissue is removed. Then the implant is implanted into the gum. It performs the function of the root and serves as the foundation for the visible part of the prosthesis.

The type of construction depends on the patient’s jaw condition. If one tooth is missing, a permanent crown is installed. It imitates the color and shape of a healthy body. The technology is considered to be anatomically correct, because it does not harm the adjacent teeth. The load is distributed evenly, and the chewing function is fully resumed.

In the absence of several teeth to the row, bridge-type constructions are used. To install them, two or three implants are implanted along the edges of a bare gum, so that they serve as a support for the rest of the prosthesis. One such bridge imitates a row of three or four teeth. With a total absence of dental tissue, a full prosthesis is performed.

Implantation of teeth at Swiss-Dent: features, benefits

Dentists of the Kiev clinic conduct all types of prosthetics, focusing on the patient’s dental health. Operations are done only after a thorough computer study. In addition to checking the oral cavity, the patient is sent to undergo tests to eliminate allergic reactions and select an implant that will take root in the jaw.

The main feature of the work of dentists is the complete painlessness of the treatment. Everything from viral gum diseases, to tooth decay is eliminated without the slightest hint of pain. Anesthetics from Switzerland and Germany gently affect the body and do not affect the subsequent opportunity to install the implant.

The method of prosthetics on the implant is carried out taking into account the state of the gums. If the soft tissue is not enough to install an artificial tooth, its extension is carried out. The method of building depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. Donor bone transplantation, bone grafting, regeneration, elevation of the maxillary sinus may be required.

Implant Prosthetics Stages

When the preparatory procedures are carried out: the type of prosthesis is selected, the gums and the oral cavity are healthy, they proceed to the surgical stage of the prosthesis – an implant is installed. It happens like this:

  • The doctor injects an anesthetic, and as soon as it works, cuts the gum. A clear cut where the natural tooth was located is very important, therefore the process is controlled by a computer.
  • A metal implant is installed in the formed bed, which is then supplemented with a special plug. Then the gum is stitched and the recovery period begins, which can take anywhere from two weeks to six months.
  • If the implant was placed under a prosthesis of several teeth, you may need a temporary prosthesis. It is not as strong as a permanent, but resumes its chewing function.
  • When the implant is fully set to proceed with the installation of the abutment. This special material is installed between the pin and the crown to perform a protective function and make the prosthesis itself stable.
  • At the end, a crown or bridge is installed, which is made from pre-prepared tooth casts. If removable or partially removable structures are used, then the implant is set to a point.

The period of habituation to dentures lasts from one month to three. In special cases, adaptation may take about six months.

What to do after prosthetics: tips on getting used

After installing an artificial tooth, the patient always experiences discomfort. Observed vomiting reflex, copious saliva, speech disorders, changes in taste. Restore the usual attitude will help:

  • Jaw massage. It renews the blood circulation in the gums and strengthens them. The main thing in the procedure – clean hands and not too intense effects on the gums. After a week of regular exercise, you will feel the effect.
  • Plentiful drink. Prevent dry mouth and unpleasant sensations that follow. This will also allow with a feeling of salivation, which usually passes by itself after a few days.
  • Rinse. Broths of chamomile and oak bark will allow to cope with the pain in place of a false tooth or teeth. Rinsing with clean water at room temperature will relieve the unpleasant sensations after a meal.

To clean the dentures installed on the implant should be an ordinary soft brush and paste. If using dentures, use effervescent disinfectant tablets.

The best clinic for implant prosthetics in Kiev: price, address

The cost of services of our clinic varies from 2000 to 4500 UAH. It all depends on the complexity of the prosthesis, but we always strive to make prosthetics affordable. The implant is installed on modern equipment, which minimizes the risk of rejection. We will select a quality implant for each

We can be found in Kiev at:

  • Left Bank, st. Boryspil 4
  • Right bank, st. Zhilyanskaya, 47,

And also in the city of Brovary:

  • st. Kiev 245, (forest quarter)