1. Implantation
All inclusive: the implant, the crown, the operation at the price of 9 990 grn. (Premium Implant from Alpha-Bio-Israel).

Installation of implants at a special price. Instead 15000 grn. only 9 990 grn.

2. Veneers! 33% discount on veneers (metal-free and zirconium crowns)!

Only 4 500 grn. instead of 6 700 grn.! The price includes the veneer, the advice of a physician podiatrist, diagnosis and modelling,advice on care, guaranteed!

3. Discounts for all kinds of prosthetics
Discount 33% on metal-ceramic crowns! Metal-ceramic crown (ceramics made in Germany!)

2 200 grn. instead 3 300 grn .
Also, discounts 20% on individual types of dentures.

4. 50% discount on teeth whitening
50% discount on teeth whitening at the clinic in the dentist’s chair! A positive result is guaranteed! The cost of the procedure 1500 UAH instead of 3000 UAH. Ispolzuyutsya qualitative import system for teeth whitening

5. The settlers and participants ATO
For all persons (citizens with a residence permit Lugansk and Donetsk regions), as well as for members of the antiterrorist operation – permanent discount 13% all kinds of dental services!