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Therapy and counselingThe cost
Examination, consultation, treatment plan SURGEON100-300 grn
Application (lidocaine)50 grn
Infiltration ubistesin80 grn
Ultrakain100 grn
Set "anti-AIDS"50 grn
One tooth50 grn

A scaling (professional tooth cleaning)The cost
Two jaws
500 grn
Air-flow600 grn

Treatment of cariesThe cost
Treatment of caries of foreign material (Switzerland, Japan)
Surface caries300-350 grn
Middle caries400-450 grn
Deep caries550-600 grn
Cervical caries250-300 grn

Cosmetic restoration of teethThe cost
The restoration of anterior teeth600-1200 grn
Restoration of posterior teeth700-1300 grn
Fiberglass pin300-400 grn
Removing anchor pin-tabs200-300 grn
Temporary filling40-50 grn
Removal of fillings40 grn
Cofferdam200 (100) grn
Adhesive bridge1000-1900 grn

Root canal treatmentThe cost
Mechanical and medicamental processing of channels
One channel200 grn
Two channels400 grn
Three channels600 grn
Filling calcium-containing pastes
Single rooted tooth200 grn
Two rooted tooth300 grn
Three rooted tooth400 grn
Permanent filling of root canals (gutta-percha + Siller)
One channel250 grn
Two channels300-400 grn
Three channels400-500 grn
Removing the tool from the root canal200 grn
Laying of devitalization paste250 grn

OrthopedicsThe cost
Dissection of the tooth under a crown ceramic-metal50-75 grn
Imprint silicone material300-350 grn
Temporary crown plastic250 grn
Temporary crown Protemp200 grn
Fixation of metal-ceramic crowns70 grn
Fixing copings70 grn
Tab390 grn
Collapsible tab400-450 grn
Metal-ceramic crown1800 grn
Ceramic crownот 3000 grn
Ceramic tabот 2500 grn
Metal-ceramic crown on implant1500-2500 grn
Molded crown600 grn

Removable prostheticsThe cost
Partial removable lamellar prosthesis with klamer1600 grn
Full removable plate denture2000 grn
Correction of removable prosthesis100-150 grn
Rebasing denture laboratory method400-500 grn
Metal denture with clamerey fixation3700-4000 grn
Acutally denture3900-4200 grn
Metal denture with acatalogue by klamer4000-4500 grn
Nylon removable prosthesis2000-3000 grn
Acutally removable denture for one tooth("butterfly")1700 grn
Diagnostic models150-200 grn
Preliminary modeling (wax or resin)200-300 grn

Orthodontics (correction of the dentition)The cost
Metal, ceramic, sapphire braces made in the USA and South Korea

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