Removable prosthetics

There are many ways to restore a smile, but the most reliable one is removable prosthetics. It saves even in cases where alternatives are impossible. The relatively low cost and ease of installation makes the service most in demand in modern dentistry.

Removable prosthesis – a gentle way to restore a lost tooth. To install it, it is not necessary to cut the gum and wait for the implant to take root. With it, you can restore the chewing function, even those who do not have a single natural tooth.

The whole secret lies in the design of the prosthesis, which is fixed to the soft tissues of the oral cavity so firmly that it can not be distinguished from the natural dentition. Versions of fasteners are diverse – from suction cups to hooks, so that there is a suitable fit for everyone.

Removable dentures are always made individually. It is made of flexible and durable materials that do not cause allergies. The only obstacle to a healthy smile may be a lack of bone tissue, but this problem is easily solved by conducting a sinus lift at the Swiss-Dent clinic.

Features of removable prosthetics at the Swiss-Dent clinic

Swiss-Dent dentists perform the procedure only after a thorough examination of the patient’s jaw. Depending on the degree of damage to the teeth and the presence or absence of concomitant diagnoses, a partially removable, conditionally removable or fully removable version of the prosthesis may be indicated.

If the patient due to age, pathology or complications is missing the entire dentition, prepare a complete denture. It is fixed to the jaw suction cups or glue and quickly removed if necessary. So that the patient does not have difficulties, our dentists show how to remove and put on the structure.

If only one tooth is missing, a conditionally removable denture is used. It is attached to the jaw with special screws or cement. This design requires cleaning every six months in the clinic because it can not be removed by the patient on their own. High cost – its main drawback.

Partially-removable design is suitable for those who have at least six natural teeth in a row. It is fixed to them, thus replacing several missing teeth. This design is attached to the jaw with hooks and is one of the simplest, although it loses in aesthetic terms to other options.

Steps for creating a removable denture

After choosing the best option to restore the smile, the dentists of the Swiss dent start creating the prosthesis itself:

  • First, an individual imaging mass is prepared, which the patient eats to form impressions
  • Then, the resulting mass is cast in plaster to form a model of the jaw with all its individual features.
  • Gypsum models of both jaws are customized to fit the tooth. To get an accurate result, use special wax plates.
  • The patient bites the plate, after which she, together with the plaster model, goes to the dental laboratory.
  • Next, the design is tested in the articulator. Hidden defects of the model are eliminated, after which its wax variation is made.
  • A wax prosthesis is fitted in the clinic’s conditions into the patient’s jaw to bring the final touches and finally adjust the prosthesis to the desired parameters.

Such a scrupulous attitude to details allows our specialists to produce artificial limbs which they quickly get used to. On average, the process of habituation takes from two weeks to a month.

How to speed up adaptation: expert advice

Since dentures are removable, getting used to them is faster, which results in the risk of rejection being reduced to zero. But to take into account some features after the procedure is worth it, since the adaptation process can cause an unpleasant feeling to those who have never encountered dental structures.

  • The first four to five days, it is advisable to walk with artificial teeth without removing them at all.
  • If you feel nauseous – you can dissolve mints lollipops
  • In order not to irritate the mucous, eat only liquid and pureed food
  • After each solid meal, clean the structure.
  • To make an artificial tooth last longer, rinse it in a special solution

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