Art restoration of teeth

If a natural smile does not please with beauty, artistic restoration of teeth can help. The procedure, in which each tooth is brought closer to an aesthetic ideal, has become popular due to fashion, and the possibilities of modern dentistry have only strengthened the patients’ belief that everything is possible. Art restoration helps to restore […]

Pulpitis Treatment

Pulp is the inside of a tooth with a lot of nerves and blood vessels. When inflammation penetrates into this area, the patient feels severe pain – first periodic, then constant. Usually, the disease occurs as a complication after untreated caries. The disease develops gradually. Bacteria destroy the crown of the tooth – enamel, but […]

Canal treatment

Arsenic was previously used to treat tooth canals. They placed it in the tooth cavity as a filling to make the nerve endings immune, and after a couple of days all the necessary manipulations began. The technique was considered effective until the mid-20th century, but the toxic properties of arsenic forced scientists to seek an […]

Cleaning Air Flow

Daily oral hygiene eliminates plaque on the teeth only partially. The remnants of food that could not be reached with a brush turn into tartar. Bacteria multiply on the stone-affected tooth, gradually destroying the enamel. So there is caries, the deplorable consequences of which are known to all. To avoid unpleasant consequences helps brushing your […]

Ultrasonic brushing

When hard deposits appear on the teeth, the most comfortable way to get rid of them is to resort to ultrasonic cleaning. An innovative technology in which the entire tooth surface is exposed to vibration is recognized as the most effective and safe today. The procedure is performed using a scaler – a tool with […]

Tooth cyst removal

A cyst is a capsule-shaped formation that develops on the root of a tooth in response to an infection in the gum. When immunity decreases, the body “turns on” the protective mechanism. At the site of infection, a pouch appears, which is very quickly filled with a yellow liquid containing dead cells. Until the pouch […]

Periodontitis treatment

Periodontitis is a disease that causes focal inflammation at the top of the tooth root. Clinically manifested in the form of swelling of the gums and provokes aching pain when biting on an inflamed tooth. It proceeds in acute and chronic form. Sometimes it occurs with advanced caries. A severe stage of periodontitis is diagnosed […]

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal disease is a rare gum disease. It provokes the gradual subsidence of soft tissues around the teeth, which immediately leads to their loss. Due to identical complications, she is often confused with periodontitis, although these consonant diseases occur in completely different ways. Periodontal disease develops painlessly over the years. It does not cause bleeding, […]

Periodontitis treatment

Periodontitis develops when the soft tissue surrounding the tooth begins to become inflamed. There are several reasons for this process: poor oral hygiene, advanced caries, infectious gum diseases, diabetes, malocclusion, weakened immunity, blood diseases. The source of inflammation can be undeleted tartars in a timely manner. When there are too many of them, they begin […]