Tooth filling

пломбирование зубов в Киеве

Tooth filling in Kiev: materials, features, tips The first attempts to fill the teeth date back to the 17th century. Then, lead, tin or silver was poured into the cavity of the damaged organ. The technique was dangerous, because they were mixed with mercury to soften the metals. The toxicity of the element contributed to […]

Gingivitis Treatment

лечение гингивита в Киеве у взрослых

Gingivitis is an inflammation of the part of the gums adjacent to the tooth. A common cause of the process is plaque, which builds up in the mouth when brushing your teeth incorrectly or insufficiently. When plaque builds up a lot, it settles at the edges of the gums. Muscle tissue irritation occurs. A pocket […]

Dental implantation in 1 day

имплантация зубов за 1 день в Киеве

Classical dental implantation seek to improve from the first day of its appearance. They constantly find materials that take root better and faster than the previous ones, bring the aesthetic parameters of prostheses to perfection. Finally we got to the time spent on the operation. If traditional implantation took 6 – 18 months, then accelerated […]

Dental implantation

Имплантация зубов недорого

  We install Implants Alfa-Bio (Israel, premium segment) 9 990 grn., instead 15 000 grn. All inclusive (surgery, implant, prosthetics – Ceramics) Implants INNO(South Korea) 10 550 grn. Implants Mega Gin(South Korea) 14 900 grn., turnkey Implants Simpl Swiss (Swiss) 14 500 grn. , all inclusive Implants Straumann (Swiss) Price is negotiable   Implantation is […]


Установка виниров в киеве

  We install Veneers 3 900 grn., instead 5 800 grh. Zircon crowns 3 900 grn., instead 5 800 grh. Dental veneers: installation methods and rules Veneer is a decorative slip on the tooth that imitates the surface of enamel. This design visually corrects defects in the dentition and allows you to achieve a beautiful […]

All types of prosthetics

The dental clinic “Swiss-dent” takes care of its clients, therefore any dental prosthetics is accompanied by a comprehensive examination and treatment. Why are important teeth? Many patients do not give proper attention to healthy teeth. In consequence of this, many times they lose. Tooth loss carries over a lot of complications for the patient: On […]

Children’s dentistry

Стоматология детская в Киеве

Pediatric dentistry in Kiev: features, addresses, prices A visit to a dental clinic for a Soviet child was torture. Many now remember how they were held in a chair by force and drilled their teeth without anesthesia. The terrible sounds of the drill left an indelible mark on the psyche of everyone who crossed the […]

Gum treatment

Лечение десен недорого

Gum disease: causes and treatment According to WHO, 80% of diseases of the oral cavity are caused by microorganisms. They enter the mouth with food and, with poor hygiene, multiply rapidly. The products of their vital activity settle on the teeth in the form of plaque. In time, not removed plaque turns into stones, which […]

Dental treatment

Лечение зубов в клинике Киева

According to the latest WHO data, 98% of the world’s population needs dental treatment. Whereas earlier people from poor countries fell into the risk group, today the number of cases has increased among citizens with middle and high incomes. A complete absence of natural dental tissue is observed in 30% of older people. The reasons […]