Ultrasonic brushing

When hard deposits appear on the teeth, the most comfortable way to get rid of them is to resort to ultrasonic cleaning. An innovative technology in which the entire tooth surface is exposed to vibration is recognized as the most effective and safe today.

The procedure is performed using a scaler – a tool with a needle-shaped nozzle. In working condition, the device emits an ultrasonic wave with a frequency of 20 to 60 KHz. This is the limiting effect at which the complete removal of tartar is possible without affecting the hard surface of the enamel.

The manipulation is painless, takes from 40 to 50 minutes, but is possible only in a clinic. On which areas of the dentition it is necessary to exert a vibrational effect, only a professional dentist decides. In advanced cases, stone is removed in periodontal pockets.

In order to prevent inflammation of the gums and infectious diseases of the tooth, the procedure is recommended to be performed on average once a year. Indications for ultrasonic cleaning may appear faster, for example, if a person smokes, consumes a lot of soft and sweet food, often takes medications.

Ultrasonic toothbrushing in Kiev

A professional method of cleansing your teeth is successfully implemented in Swiss dent. Here, the patient’s oral cavity is first examined for hardened food debris. Then carry out the treatment of tooth tissue affected by caries. And only after that they are determined with the most effective way to remove the stone.

The dentist determines the optimal vibration power for each tooth. It all depends on the degree of damage. The principle is simple – the device must crush the hardened food remains into small pieces, after which the doctor will simply wash them out of the patient’s mouth under the influence of water and air.

Swiss-Dent not only selects a comfortable procedure, but also gives tips on how to prevent stone formation. As a rule, the largest part of the deposits is formed on the painters because they are difficult to access. On tooth tissues in the smile zone, stones appear less frequently, but their formation can be caused by a hereditary factor.

Vibration cleansing has a number of contraindications: pregnancy, age under 14, allergic reactions to fluoride-containing drugs. Until recently, ultrasound was contraindicated for people with hypersensitivity of tooth tissues, but today this problem is solved by preliminary remineralization of enamel.

The benefits of ultrasonic cleaning: life after

After the removal of tartar, you will feel a number of visible changes: the teeth will become lighter by several tones, and the enamel is smoother and more even. Bad breath will disappear, gums will stop bleeding. The dentition will become healthier even visually, which will significantly affect your appearance.

To prolong the effect of technology, several useful habits will help:

  • Each tooth must be cleaned from all sides, holding the brush at an angle.
  • Every three months, it is advisable to change the toothpaste without leaning on fluoride-containing ones.
  • As little as possible you need to eat coloring foods: tea, coffee, wine, sauces, berries, candies, compotes and bright juices.
  • If you are not satisfied with the shade of the tooth, it is better to abandon home whitening – consult a specialist.

Restrictions should become a habit, but if hardened particles on the tooth are formed again, do not be upset. Prices for the procedure are not so high if you go to the right clinic. Swiss dent, for example, sets an affordable price for everyone. You can find dentistry at:

  • Left bank, Kiev, st. Borispolskaya 4,
  • Right bank, Kiev, st. Zhilyanskaya, 47,
  • Brovary: st. Kiev 245 (forest district)

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