Cermet Crown

Metal ceramics is an artificial material obtained by fusing metal with ceramics. It is durable, resistant to chemical attack, it takes root well. Inferior to non-metallic structures in aesthetics, however, the similarity with the natural tooth is colossal, from which it is used in dentistry.

Crowns made of metal ceramics put both on the front and on the chewing teeth. In the first case, alloys with inert precious metals are used to prevent the transmission of iron. Dental prostheses with cobalt, chromium and nickel at the base are placed on the chewing tooth, since they are not prone to chipping.

Gold-based crowns are intended for those who are allergic to non-precious metals. They are expensive, but safe, covered with ceramics, which provides additional protection from damage. Crowns of this type are ideal for painters.

Metal-ceramic structures are to be installed on a tooth that has collapsed by more than 60%. They are suitable when you need to install several teeth to a row and do it quickly, reliably and at affordable cost. Serve such installations with proper care from 8 to 10 years minimum.

Installation of a metal-ceramic crown per tooth: the initial stage

Ceramic-metal is used in prosthetics by advanced dental clinics. One of these is Swiss-Dent. For high-quality installation of the structure, there are all the necessary materials here – Swiss diagnostic equipment, safe anesthetics, supernovae measuring devices.

With the use of diagnostic devices begins prosthetics. First, an x-ray and a panoramic picture of the jaw are taken to assess the condition of the tooth roots. Any defects are eliminated, in the extreme case, carry out the depulpation, in order to leave only healthy teeth.

The moment of treatment is very important for further prosthetics, since the metal-ceramic crown is heavy and its long sock can negatively affect the patient’s future health. The teeth under the structure should not hurt otherwise you will have to carry out the whole procedure again.

To increase the area of ​​contact of the tooth with the crown grind it. This procedure does not have a negative impact, since only a half-millimeter layer of dental tissue is removed, and the metal-ceramic cap performs a much better protective function than natural enamel. The operation is responsible and is done only after careful measurements of the oral cavity on the computer.

Production and fixation of metal-ceramic crowns

To make a prosthesis of metal ceramics, dentists make an impression of the patient’s jaw in the clinic. The resulting model is investigated in a dental laboratory. In attention is taken as the location of the teeth, and the level of stress on them. Only with all of these data, it is possible to create a reliable and durable design.

Most of the load is placed on a metal frame. Despite the fact that its thickness does not exceed 0.5 mm – it can withstand excellently withstand the severity of bite. Ceramic artificial tooth is covered in several layers, but in the last turn. Spraying is done under temperature.

It takes from 10 to 14 days to manufacture a prosthesis made from metal-ceramic. All this time, the patient can walk with a temporary installation, thereby accustoming himself to new artificial teeth. The addiction takes up to 3 months. Fixing the manufactured prosthesis is performed under anesthesia. It is initially attached to the cement.

To the cement quickly grabbed him a special lamp. The adhesion of metal ceramics with dental tissue allows additional processing of the turned bone under the prosthesis. For each prosthesis installed, our specialists give a semi-annual warranty.

What to do after installing a ceramic and metal prosthesis

Uncomfortable sensations immediately after the procedure are completely natural. The body adapts to a foreign body and takes it on average from a month to three. But in order not to delay the process of habituation, it is advisable to follow the advice of the doctors of the clinic:

  • The first few days, try to eat only soft and grated food. So you will save your mucous from irritation and discomfort.
  • Nausea, excessive salivation, dry mouth are quite natural symptoms of addiction. You can eliminate them with improvised means, such as tablets for nausea, drinking plenty of water.
  • Do not focus your attention solely on teeth. The first week it will seem that they bother you and you only think about them. But this period is very important to endure. Subsequently, the prosthesis will feel like something natural.

Our clinic not only performs a prosthetic procedure at an affordable cost, but also provides advice. You can contact us for advice if you get used to the structure too long and we will find the best solution or eliminate the cause. See the cost on the website.
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