Ultrasonic removal of dental plaque

Kind of spoils your smile dental plaque? You do not know how remove tartar and improve the appearance of teeth? The decision has!

Снятие зубных отложений (профессиональная чистка зубов)Стоимость
Две челюсти
500 грн
Air-flow600 грн

Dental clinic “Swiss Dent» specializes in removal of tartar. This service is called «ultrasonic cleaning teeth«, because the removal of dental plaque is made using a special ultrasound equipment.

Ultrasonic cleaning teeth painlessly removes plaque and rocks via vibration generated and coolant. This technique ensures absolute comfort of the patient during the procedure. Further, such professional teeth cleaning in Kiev in our dentistry is harmless: thanks to the delicate method of cleaning the oral cavity of the patient is protected from damage.

Earlier removal of tartar in Kiev and the world was carried out exclusively with metal tools. But the surface of the tooth and gums at risk of severe damage, and remove plaque was impossible to completely.

But today dental clinic “Swiss-dent» like a real modern dentistry offers quality removal of tartar. Price and the result is ultrasonic cleaning teeth surprise every customer!