Treatment of caries in Kiev

Today, tooth decay is one of the most common tooth diseases. Dentistry “Swiss-dent» It offers a procedure which will avoid the appearance of such infections – caries prevention. If the time to make an appointment in Swiss-dent, can prevent the emergence and caries treatment in future.

Лікування карієсуВартість
Лікування карієсу іноземних матеріалів (Швейцарія, Японія)
Поверхневий карієс300-350 грн
Середній карієс400-450 грн
Глибокий карієс550-600 грн
Пришийкового карієсу250-300 грн

Even small spot caries eventually turns into a thorough and costly dental treatment. Kiev underestimates the importance of caries prevention. However, if this problem has already appeared – the site of inflammation is selected and placed to protect photopolymer seal. Price in Kiev on different fillings like sealing quality. If the seal does not grind as it should, on the tooth plaque will begin to appear, which can later turn into stone. Because may later need removal of tartar, price and the duration of such a process is much more than prevention and treatment of dental caries.

So do not delay! Make an appointment with the dentist «Swiss-dent» for prevention and treatment of dental caries and keep your teeth healthy.