Periodontitis treatment

Periodontitis develops when the soft tissue surrounding the tooth begins to become inflamed. There are several reasons for this process: poor oral hygiene, advanced caries, infectious gum diseases, diabetes, malocclusion, weakened immunity, blood diseases.

The source of inflammation can be undeleted tartars in a timely manner. When there are too many of them, they begin to put pressure on the periodontium, which leads to inflammation. Subsequently, a pocket is formed between the tooth and gum, into which the remains of food fall.

If the process does not stop, the periodontium gradually moves away from the tooth and sags. Enamel sensitivity is increased, roots are exposed, reaction to hot, cold, sweet food is increased. Bleeding – an unpleasant symptom, accompanied by pain, is a harbinger of the disease.

At its initial stages, the patient simply experiences discomfort. Feels bad breath, pain when chewing. If you do not go to the doctor after a few months, the dentition becomes unsteady, which immediately leads to tooth loss.

Treatment of periodontitis in the clinic: when it is needed

Periodontitis is a gum disease found in 90% of the world’s adult population. It is provoked by many factors, therefore, you can protect yourself from adversity in one way – by visiting a doctor in a timely manner. Visiting a dentist every six months for prevention, you eliminate the risk of tooth loss.

In a clinic, a doctor can recognize four stages of the disease:

  • The first – a pronounced symptom – bleeding, as well as a slight burning sensation of certain areas of the mucosa. At this stage, the treatment of the oral cavity with special antiseptic agents helps. A good method of treatment will be professional brushing.
  • The second – causes pain during chewing, periodontal tissues become loose, there is an odor in the mouth. In such cases, curettage is needed – cleansing the gum pockets of tartar. The sensations are unpleasant, the procedure is carried out under local anesthesia.
  • Third – contributes to the subsidence of gingival tissues, as well as exposure of dental roots. The stage is severe, so the treatment is traumatic. The affected part of the soft tissue excised. If the gum is very sagging, its reconstruction is carried out. the remaining tissue around the tooth rises by 1.5 mm, and then stretched to the bare roots.

Periodontitis is an insidious disease that causes not only discomfort, but also a lot of unpleasant consequences. It is problematic to eliminate them, but it is necessary for the health of the oral cavity.

Periodontitis: treatment of the consequences

Periodontal disease should be repaired at a trusted dental clinic such as Swiss dent. It has all the necessary equipment for high-quality surgical intervention, and most importantly – experienced dentists. They will find the best way to fix the problems, and then conduct the treatment.

Swiss-Dent treats periodontitis in the most advanced stages. How is the service provided?

  • Extend the crown of the tooth if periodontitis has reached the enamel, destroying it.
  • By implantation, the soft tissue around the tooth is restored if it has finally sagged.
  • Improve blood circulation in the tissues by injection, if there is a symptom of periodontal subsidence. For this, plasma is introduced into the periodontium from the patient’s own blood. This contributes to the speedy recovery of cells.
  • Splinting – helps to preserve loose teeth. A special dental floss is pulled behind a row of teeth. Periodontium is restored and teeth can be saved.

If the condition of your teeth scares you, Swiss-Dent dentistry will help. Our experts use anesthetics in their work and even the most advanced stage is treated quickly and painlessly.

How to prevent periodontitis

Periodontitis is a dangerous disease, but if you introduce several habits into your life, you will do your teeth a favor:

  • Eat hard vegetables, they provide natural brushing in hard to reach places.
  • Respect oral hygiene responsibly. Thoroughly clean your teeth with a massage brush, holding it at an angle.
  • Using therapeutic toothpastes and rinses, they will soothe the mucous membrane and also prevent bleeding. Consult a doctor in advance. as prescribed by your doctor, you prevent inflammation of the mucosa.

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