Sinus lifting

The operation to restore the dentition is carried out only with a sufficient amount of bone tissue. But long-term infections and mechanical damage to the gums contribute to its atrophy. Prosthetics become impossible because the pin has nothing to fix. In such cases, an increase in the gums.

The procedure for building the upper jaw is called sinus lifting. Its principle is to separate a little maxillary cavity, and fill the resulting space with bone material. Full restoration of atrophied tissue occurs within 3-4 months. Sometimes the operation is combined with implantation.

Sinus lifting of open and closed type: features, differences, stages

Sinus lifting is open and closed. The first procedure is carried out when the height of the natural bone does not reach 7 mm. To get to the maxillary sinus, the doctor cuts the gum, and then drills a hole. The artificial bone is placed in the formed cavity, and the wound is tightened with a special membrane.

Closed sinus lifting is a seamless operation that is performed if the jaw height is at least 10 mm. The technique differs in that the artificial bone is inserted into the hole for the future pin under the tooth. Thus, it is possible to combine the extension with implantation.

Features of a sinus lift at a Swiss-Dent clinic

For lifting, the Swiss-Dent clinic has all the necessary equipment. The build-up of the gums is characterized by good survival, and implantations are painless. The closed lifting operation goes like this:

  • The maxillary sinus is examined, as well as the jaw of the patient using computed tomography. This reveals defects in the lower and upper parts of the oral cavity.
  • Diagnosis of hard tooth tissues is performed to detect signs of caries, as well as other infectious diseases. If necessary, treatment is prescribed.
  • If the mouth is healthy, proceed to the lifting procedure.
  • By inserting anesthesia with a small drill, they make a hole in the jaw. It will serve as a bed for the pin under the tooth.
  • With a special probe, the surface of the sinus is lifted, and the free space is filled with matter replacing the bone structure.

The duration of the operation – 30 – 60 minutes. It is less traumatic, so after building it you can immediately implant a pin under an artificial tooth. The advantages of the procedure are speed, low price.

Open sine lifting is a long process. The operation lasts about an hour or two, after which comes a three to six month recovery process. It happens like this:

  • A fragment of mucous membrane peels off at the site of atrophy, after which the gum is drilled.
  • The cavity formed is filled with prepared inert matter.
  • At the final stage, the detached areas of the mucous membrane return to the place and are stitched.

A month after the procedure, the patient should see a doctor for the control diagnosis. Whether everything is stuck is checked, whether there are no suppurations. If necessary, prescribe antibiotics.

The difference between a closed and an open lifting is that after an open one, it is possible to start the implanting of the pin under the tooth at least six months later – when the jaw bone is fully restored. To speed up the process, our dentists do everything possible.

Materials for a sinus lift at the Swiss-Dent clinic

Dentists at the Swiss-Dent clinic build the upper jaw with four materials:

  • Natural bone of the patient. The fragment is taken from the invisible zone of the lower jaw, as well as the hip area. This is the most traumatic way to restore the gums, but the probability of rejection is reduced to zero.
  • Artificial bone. Developed in the laboratory for each individual patient. Maxgraft material is made from bone matter of Australian donors, therefore, demonstrates excellent survival.
  • Donor material. Before implantation, a thorough study is carried out. If the donor is suitable for all biological parameters, its bone structure is implanted. After that, the survival rate is monitored.
  • Matter of animal origin. It has a good survival rate. Enter as chips or blocks.

The type of material is selected based on the individual characteristics of the organism. For allergy sufferers, Maxgraft is prepared, and those who don’t want to risk are excised with fragments of their own bones. The approach is to any patient.

Made a lifting: what can not be done after

In order for a sine lifting to end with successful implantation, it is necessary to maximize the survival of artificial matter. By listening to the advice you can achieve rapid tissue regeneration:

  • After the doctor’s manipulations, temporary edema is possible, which is easily removed if you put ice on your cheek.
  • Loading the upper and lower part of the dentition is not recommended, so the first week is better to eat soft food, and drink water through a straw.
  • Cough and sneeze should be suppressed until the seams are maximally tight.
  • Refuse sugary drinks, alcohol, smoking, so as not to irritate the mucous.
  • When brushing your teeth, use a soft brush.

If you experience any complications, contact your dentist immediately.

The best dentistry in Kiev: where to find, price

Swiss-Dent provides a full range of dental services at an affordable price. For more information about the cost you can find on the site. Gum lifting is performed using the latest tools from Switzerland and Germany. The patient’s good technological base of dentistry contributes to the quickest recovery.

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