A crack on the tooth: is it worth worrying?

Having found a crack on the tooth, many immediately go to the dentist to find out what to do next. This is undoubtedly the right decision, because for this unpleasant problem that spoils the aesthetic appearance of the teeth, serious consequences can follow.

When treatment is necessary

In fact, microcracks on tooth enamel are present in many people

It’s just that they are not always visible with a normal visual inspection. The reasons for this can be a lot from the abuse of carbonated beverages before chewing overly solid foods. The result is often one – a progressive cleavage of the tooth.

A crack in the tooth can be quite harmless, but it should be solved by a qualified dentist. The main thing in this case is the establishment of the cause, as well as the depth of the microscale, which will help determine the degree of its danger.

If this is a vertical microcrack, which does not respond to temperature changes, treatment is not required. If the color of the enamel changes, the tooth will need restoration or installation of the veneer. Deep cracks that reach the root, as a rule, affect the pulp.

It is necessary not only treatment, but also the installation of the crown. With increased sensitivity of the tooth, enamel repair is required.

In any case, the correct decision of a problem can offer only the skilled stomatologist, having spent before it, careful diagnostics. It consists in the use of special coloring components, examination under a microscope and analysis of patient complaints.

How to prevent cracks in the teeth

In most cases, a crack in the tooth is a consequence of an improper diet and a lack of compliance with hygiene rules.

In the first case, the best prevention is the refusal to abuse:

  1. carbonated drinks;
  2. sour juices (based on citrus fruits);
  3. dry wines;
  4. seeds;
  5. nuts;
  6. caramel.

In the second case, it is necessary to give time to the correct selection of a toothbrush with the required stiffness. Before buying, you should consult a dentist. As for the toothpaste, it should contain calcium and fluoride.

At the same time from highly abrasive means it is better to refuse

Also important is the timely detection of a crack on the tooth, so it is necessary to regularly visit preventive examinations in the dental clinic. This will help to quickly eliminate the appearance of the problem, as much as possible to protect the teeth from chipping.

Do not delay the visit to the dentist even with the slightest discomfort in the dentition. A habitual ignoring of problems for many people often leads to serious consequences requiring long and expensive treatment.