Cleaning Air Flow

Daily oral hygiene eliminates plaque on the teeth only partially. The remnants of food that could not be reached with a brush turn into tartar. Bacteria multiply on the stone-affected tooth, gradually destroying the enamel. So there is caries, the deplorable consequences of which are known to all.

To avoid unpleasant consequences helps brushing your teeth using air flow technology. With the help of an irrigator, a stream of air and water with a special abrasive agent is directed to the patient’s contaminated tooth. This tool gently affects the enamel, and thanks to the flow of air it enters all the spaces of the dentition. The stone dissolves in a matter of minutes and is washed off by a stream of water.

A professional approach to oral hygiene wins 100% of plaque. The procedure takes from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the area of ​​damage. The effect lasts for 1 – 1.5 years, but here everything is individual. If you do not neglect daily hygiene, give up sugary foods and bad habits, the result will last longer.

Air Flow Benefits: Swiss-Dent Expert Opinion

According to the observations of Swiss-Dent dentists, a professional cleaning method helps to prevent 95% of diseases of the tooth and gums. This is periodontal disease, periodontitis, gingivitis, – diseases, the main cause of which is the untimely elimination of plaque. This is ridding the patient of bad breath caused by the rapid development of bacteria.

Swiss-Dent also warns that not only people with bad habits are prone to calculus formation. The stone may appear in the patient from antibiotics and malocclusion, a poor-quality brush or chewing on one side. It can be a sign of metabolic problems, as well as the consequence of improper installation of the prosthesis.

A professional cleaning method is also necessary for aesthetic reasons. When the enamel darkened, irregularities appeared on the tooth or the smile does not look beautiful enough due to the darkening in the interdental spaces, only air flow can be saved. And if you still wear veneers or braces, this technology will extend the life of the structures.

Features of cleaning air flow in Kiev

At the Sweet Dent Clinic, toothbrushing technology is implemented as follows:


  • The lips and mucous membranes of the patient are moisturized with a gel. This helps to avoid overdrying.

  • The root canals of the tooth are processed, and then proceed directly to the procedure.

  • The prepared device for cleaning is placed at a distance of 5 mm from the problem areas of the tooth and turns on.

  • Stone removal is performed at an angle of 30-60 g. in circular motions. From strong pressure in people with sensitive enamel, unpleasant sensations can occur. To prevent this, tooth enamel is pre-remineralized.

Remineralization due to saturation of enamel with minerals strengthens the tooth and makes it less sensitive to aggressive factors. This technique also helps to prevent tooth decay. Where can high-quality cleaning be carried out?

The best dental clinic in Kiev: where to find

Swiss-Dent provides dental services on the left and right banks of Kiev, as well as in the city of Brovary. Turning here you can not only clean the dentition of the stone, but also to treat diseased teeth. We also carry out restoration of dental tissues, install prostheses, crowns and veneers.

To maintain the health of enamel, contact your dentist every six months for prevention. The consultation is free, and diagnostics are carried out on innovative devices brought from Germany and Switzerland. The results of the checks will not make you doubt the diagnosis.

At the slightest suspicion of a violation of dental health or the formation of plaque, make an appointment at any convenient time. Our specialists take on the most difficult dental cases since, in addition to their own experience and knowledge, they can enlist the support of colleagues from the best dentists in Europe.

Find your dentist among our team of specialists. Choose someone to whom you can completely entrust your smile and the results will not be long in coming.