Bridge prosthesis

It is customary to install a bridge prosthesis when there is not one tooth, but several at once. A unique technology in which a number of artificial teeth clings to the natural type of the bridge has been widespread in the nineteenth century. Only then was it a traumatic procedure.

To install a modern bridge, it is not necessary to grind healthy dental tissues as before. It is enough to make microchannels in two healthy teeth and thread hooks into them. These hooks will keep the bridge on the gum, ensuring its tight fit.

This type of bridge construction not only preserves the “life” of the neighboring teeth, but also performs a chewing function well. Hooks withstand the load, several times higher than that laid by nature. For the absolute health of the oral cavity, it remains only to choose the appropriate prosthetic material.

And there may be several materials:

  • Metal – used extremely rarely and mostly on molars.
  • Metal-plastic is rather fragile, but the most affordable.
  • Metal-ceramic – the most optimal in terms of price and quality. With proper care it serves from 10 years.

There is also a plastic bridge installation, which is used as a temporary structure. It is placed so that the patient can get used to the foreign body in the body. Installation is performed for a period of not more than six months.

Swiss dent denture bridge installation

In one of the best clinics in Kiev, doctors can install a bridge in various ways. It all depends on the degree of damage to the soft tissues of the oral cavity, the state of the jaw, as well as the choice of prosthetics. Dissection of teeth may be necessary if there are not very healthy, but preserved teeth in the oral cavity.

At the moment there are four ways to install a bridge:

  • Traditional. Used when there are two strong natural teeth between missing teeth. They grind, establish a bridge structure consisting of two crowns and a decorative element, replacing the lost tooth.
  • Console. Replaces the missing tooth, and is mounted on two adjacent, ground. The design is very durable as it is installed on two natural teeth, standing next to each other. Perfect for restoring an extreme painter.
  • Maryland. The way of installation of the bridge, not demanding turning of a healthy bone. The design is unique in that it has two fasteners on the sides. Suitable for the restoration of one tooth in a row.
  • The bridge prosthesis on the implant. The most reliable and complex method of prosthetics. The difficulty lies in the fact that the installation is put on not on the grinded teeth, but on the metal roots implanted in the gum – implants. And they should take root. In the absence of many teeth, the ideal option.

Doctors of the Swiss Dent clinic always choose the most gentle prosthetic option. It does not grind dental tissue, simply in order to simplify the task. The main goal is to keep the patient’s natural teeth healthy, and restore the missing ones without harm to them.

How and where it is better to put a bridge in the absence of teeth

The bridge element in the Swiss Dent clinic can be put only after consulting a doctor. He examines the state of the jaw and dentition, develops an individual program of preparation for prosthetics, and only then proceeds to the fabrication and implantation of artificial teeth.

The procedure, depending on the patient’s condition, can take anywhere from a week to a month. The period of adaptation to the new smile is minimal – from several hours to several days. This is one of the main advantages of this type of tooth replacement, but not the only one.

The cost of the procedure is very affordable, but depends on the neglect of the case. The most gentle option to restore a smile is always the most budget. If you feel that your teeth are already far from ideal, do not be afraid to contact us. We will select the optimal cost option prosthetics.

It is much easier to restore one dental bone than several at once, and the bridge replacing a single tooth will be stronger. That is why consultation with a dental specialist is mandatory. Our dentists have advanced diagnostic equipment. They detect diseases of the oral cavity in time to delay the need for any prosthetics as this is an extreme measure. Contact us at.

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