Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal disease is a rare gum disease. It provokes the gradual subsidence of soft tissues around the teeth, which immediately leads to their loss. Due to identical complications, she is often confused with periodontitis, although these consonant diseases occur in completely different ways.

Periodontal disease develops painlessly over the years. It does not cause bleeding, does not provoke inflammation in the oral cavity. Soft tissue does not fester and does not hurt, as is the case with periodontitis. They simply turn pale and periodically itch. The sensations are so insignificant that the dentist is called too late.

In the last stages, the disease is diagnosed by looking at tooth enamel. It becomes wedge-shaped right at the gum, which is especially noticeable in the smile zone. Teeth respond to hot, cold, sour foods. Then the roots are exposed. If at least one symptom bothers you, a dentist is required.

Treatment of periodontal disease in Kiev: how is it carried out

In the capital, dentists of the Swiss-Dent clinic are considered the best specialists in the industry. They have the latest x-ray machine, which allows you to diagnose the disease at the initial stage. Using a panoramic picture, they can assess the condition of the oral cavity as a whole, and the Vector device and ultrasound help in the treatment.

The gum treatment technique, as well as the cost, depends on the degree of neglect of the case.

  • At the initial stage, professional toothbrushing is carried out and tissues affected by caries are treated. To strengthen the gums, physiotherapy and finger massage are prescribed. With the help of a complex of vitamins and minerals, they strengthen the immune system. For the price, this type of procedure is the most budgetary.
  • At the middle stage, the disease is eliminated by gum curettage. This is a simple cleaning of the gingival pockets, which is performed by a vacuum device and significantly improves the condition of the gums in the future. The price of the procedure depends on the degree of lesion of the gums.
  • The severe stage of the disease is removed surgically. Open curettage of the gums is an artificial extension of the tissues of the oral cavity. If the teeth are loosened, splinting is performed to keep the dentition in a natural position.

But the best method of protection against gingival adversity is prevention. It is also the most budget in value. In order not to have to resort to the professional services of a dentist, come to him once every six months for an examination.

How to prevent periodontal disease

Swiss-Dent dentists have several answers to this question:

  • Follow the oral hygiene and, if necessary, consult a specialist for gum treatment
  • Floss for more thorough cleansing
  • Eat correctly: less sweet, soft and floury. More raw vegetables and vitamins.
  • Go for a professional brushing at least once every six months.

This type of disease is hereditary, therefore, absolute compliance with all norms does not guarantee anything. If you couldn’t avoid the disaster, contact Swiss-Dent. Here, the treatment will be carried out at an affordable price and with a guarantee of safety, no matter how advanced the stage is.

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