Extraction of teeth: indications, contraindications, emergency cases

The removal of teeth is justifiably considered one of the most radical procedures in dentistry. After all, today, modern equipment and the level of dental doctors’ qualification makes it possible to save them in most cases. But sometimes there is no other option: the only way to preserve the patient’s health is to remove the tooth.

Extraction of teeth: indications, contraindications, emergency cases

In the dental clinic Swiss Dent, our specialists are ready to perform procedures of varying degrees of complexity (including the procedure for removing the wisdom tooth). The dentist will first of all try to identify the extent of the attack and will suggest (if possible) an alternative, not so radical treatment that will allow the tooth or at least a part of it to be retained to the maximum.

In cases where medicine, unfortunately, is powerless, a procedure for painless removal of tartar is carried out. Depending on the complexity of the case, it can be conditionally divided into 2 groups – planned and urgent. Each is divided conditionally into several categories.

Urgent intervention is required in the following cases:

With acute purulent inflammation of the gums (removal in this case is the best option, since the situation may be fraught with osteomyelitis and other complications when it starts).
With a strong pain syndrome, excluding alternative types of treatment.
With axial fracture.
At a fracture of the crown part, when the filling or any other treatment option is not available.
In addition to urgent situations, there are planned. Among them are the following cases:

Improper disposition of teeth, preventing normal eating, causing injury to the mucous membrane of the mouth.
Tumor of the jaw.
An impenetrable root canal, near which, besides, cysts, etc. can be located.
Orthodontic treatment.
Another method of treatment is powerless.
We understand very well what kind of stress a person feels when he realizes that he needs to urgently go to an appointment with a dentist, that’s why we try to treat our patients as carefully as possible, and we are doing our best to save their health. We carry out the procedure for tooth extraction quickly and painlessly, thanks to modern anesthetic preparations and the professionalism of our specialists.

Features of the procedure for removing wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are a separate topic for dentists, because often they cause the most trouble for patients and difficulties in the work of specialists. For the patient, the process is terrible with pain and possible complications, and the dentist often has to deal with fairly complex multi-rooted teeth.

Far from always having a wisdom tooth in the oral cavity implies the need for its removal: they do not interfere with living at all and normally consume food and drinks. But sometimes, unfortunately, they become a very alarming “signal”.

To such cases it is possible to carry:

Presence of strong painful sensations affecting the area of ​​the ear and jaw nerves.
Chronic inflammatory process.
The wisdom tooth in the period of growth began to destroy the neighboring tooth.
Lack of sufficient free space in the oral cavity for normal growth of the wisdom tooth.
A tooth of wisdom traumatizes the cheek or tongue.
As you can see, the process of tooth extraction is painstaking enough, in some cases it is complicated, but with a real expert it will not cause absolutely any problems in the work. If you want to remove teeth quickly, painlessly, then you should give yourself into the hands of true professionals working in the network of dental clinics Swiss Dent. We are waiting for you!