How to maintain healthy teeth: tips dentists

Have you noticed that in any modern hospital can be seen not only the dentist but also paradontologa, orthodontist, dentist, therapist, surgeon, orthopedist, dentist hygienist? All and do not count. But every person is only responsible for one part of the health of the oral cavity. This means that the “healthy teeth” – the concept is composite, and includes the health of your entire mouth along with the soft tissue.

That’s why the answer to the question “how to maintain healthy teeth” is difficult to answer in two words. We decided to combine your dental experience into one useful material, and hope that these best practices will help You keep your teeth healthy for years to come.

What determines the health of your teeth?

It is customary to distinguish three main factors that affect dental health: heredity, lifestyle and hygiene. And since genetics is not much to argue, the other two items can easily overpower every person.

Lifestyle and healthy teeth

The condition of the teeth is only part of the overall picture of Your health. Therefore, the transition to a healthy lifestyle is able to literally resurrect Your teeth!


As a result of clinical studies scientists have proven that teeth have the ability to recover when establishing the overall tone of the body. This opportunity is very limited, but with proper selection of supply and also skin care, teeth can partially recover without the intervention of a specialist.

To a healthy lifestyle include a lack of bad habits. Including the consumption of staining beverages (wine, coffee), foods of contrasting temperatures and acidic products. Even vitamin-rich citrus fruits can damage the tooth enamel. But good habits need to be increased: at least drink 1.5–2 liters of clean water a day. This provokes the flow of saliva, which has a beneficial effect on tooth enamel, thereby improving the wear resistance of the surface of the teeth.

Proper care for the oral cavity

The variety of tips and resources to care today can get confused even experienced user. So we created a list of five essential points that will help You to significantly prolong the health of the mouth and give a healthy smile:

1. Visiting the dentist every six months

It seems that this trite phrase has already managed to fill nauseam, but without visiting STOMATKABINET, and the truth is not enough. In addition, it really is the easiest way: just need to note the phone has two “reminder” and just trust care specialist.

2. Twice-daily brushing

In the morning we brush our teeth to others, and in the evening. This is one of the wisest dental sayings. Really, the morning is to brush the oral cavity for an upcoming communication, and in the evening to extract from the teeth of all the food stocks. If this is not done, the night Your dinner will literally begin to rot the teeth and between them, and then have to run to the dentist is not just for the inspection.

3. Proper nutrition and strengthening the body

Let’s be honest, each of us from time to time allows himself to sugar, alcohol, coffee, pastry or acidic fruits. But the secret is not to completely abandon the “harmful” food, but to use it wisely. Ate apelsinka – seize a slice of cheese, drank coffee wash down with water, allowed himself sweet or alcohol – use conditioner. Also, don’t forget to eat nuts and hard fruits as an exercise of the jaws.

4. A variety of hygiene

One toothbrush enough. Even with a nozzle for the language. Even electric. Any. Be sure to use in their Arsenal at least dental floss, brushes and rinses. To ignore these tools like ignore use washcloths in the shower – as inappropriate and ineffective.

5. The correct choice of hygienic means

As usual, glossy magazines and commercials are the primary advisers in the choice of hygienic means. In the end the patient makes a choice in favor of abrasive pastes or inappropriate dental floss and does not understand why his condition is not improving. Here we, perhaps, return to the first point. Not to spend money is not the wind, you should seek the advice of professionals. Fortunately, the advice of the dentist in modern clinic is now available to everyone.

Here’s a short list we’ve compiled for You, dear customers. Read our new article and learn more about how to maintain healthy teeth for years to come. Try to follow our recommendations for some time, and after a few months Your healthy smile will Shine brighter than the Hollywood stars.