Dental implantation in 1 day

Classical dental implantation seek to improve from the first day of its appearance. They constantly find materials that take root better and faster than the previous ones, bring the aesthetic parameters of prostheses to perfection. Finally we got to the time spent on the operation.
If traditional implantation took 6 – 18 months, then accelerated technology allowed to obtain similar results in less than a week. The number of necessary visits to the dentist was reduced to 4 times, instead of the usual 20 – 25. And all this under the condition of absolute painlessness.

Dental implantation in one day: what is it, cost and stages

The new technology is called simultaneous implantation. Its difference lies in the fact that the patient goes through the whole range of preparatory stages immediately, and after the first visit to the dentist leaves the office with a new tooth or teeth. Successfully apply this technique in Kiev dentistry Swiss-dent.

Immediate dental implantation in Kiev: stages and features

Fast implantation in the Swiss-dent clinic is not inferior in classical performance. After the procedure, dentists ascertain the complete engraftment of implants in 97% of patients. The remaining 3% have to choose a different methodology, but even this process is faster, due to the competent construction of the work.

Spent implantation is carried out in stages:

  • Diagnostics – at this stage, an examination of the oral cavity of the patient is done. An x-ray is taken to identify hidden tooth diseases. To eliminate contraindications, the condition of the gums and bone tissue on the computer is examined. The optimal technique is selected at the consultation by a doctor – an implantologist and an orthopedist.
  • Preparation – after determining the technique, the patient comes to the doctor again. According to the plan, all preparatory manipulations are performed: the affected teeth and roots are removed, casts of the jaws are made, a model of the prosthesis is created on the computer.
  • Implantation – the procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The metal rod is implanted into the bone tissue at an angle calculated in advance. In the absence of several teeth in a row, the All-on-4 method is used, implanting the shaft directly into the bone. After implantation of the pin, the patient is shown to install a temporary tooth.

Since a person receives a full-fledged smile after the first visit to a specialist, this technique was called implantation in one day. In fact, the first prosthesis is placed 3-4 days after the implantation of the pins, and during this time the gum under the temporary tooth is tightened and you can follow the reaction of the body to the implants.
The success of prosthetics depends on the mechanical stability of the implant, the so-called “torc”. The Swiss-dent clinic has all the necessary equipment to check the mobility of the prosthesis, which allows you to install it correctly in one day and avoid undesirable consequences.
The first design is set to consolidate the results of the procedure. It is possible to give a load on artificial teeth from the first days, but it is dosed and not fully. Permanent design can be established 6-12 months after implantation of the pins. During this period, they are completely fused with the bone, so they are able to withstand heavy prostheses.

Dental implants in one day: contraindications and alternatives

Quick implantation is an ideal solution for those who have a lack of bone tissue. But despite all the advantages, such an express procedure is not suitable for everyone. Quickly install a prosthesis without consequences is possible only with excellent patient health.

Dentists cannot perform an operation when:

  • blood diseases
  • Endocrine Disorders
  • The presence of malignant tumors
  • Bacterial diseases of the oral cavity
  • Tuberculosis
  • AIDS, HIV infection
  • Pregnancy, feeding
  • Osteoporosis
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases

But even with the above diseases, there is nothing to worry about. Swiss-dent doctors will choose the prosthetics method that will be the least risky in your case. Of course, you will have to spend more time on the procedure, but everyone can get beautiful teeth.
Allergic patients may be prescribed special drug therapy. She will minimize the risk of rejection. In an extreme case, a removable denture will be selected, which will ideally fit your jaw and will not cause inconvenience in the process of wearing a new tooth.

Fast tooth implantation in Kiev: addresses, prices

Dentistry Swiss-dent performs express prosthetics on the latest equipment from Germany and Switzerland. Each manipulation of a doctor is controlled by a computer, which ensures the accuracy and quality of work. The cost of services depends on the complexity of the case, but we always strive to make the price affordable.

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