Surgery (removal, implantation)

For the majority of people dental surgery limited tooth extraction, however, the range of branch services is much wider than it seems.   «Sviss Dent» ensures quality and safe surgery. You can always make an appointment our experienced dental surgeon with a list of questions: Dental implants; Prosthetics on implants; Removal of a tooth; Removal of wisdom teeth; Identifying the causes […]

Orthodontics (correction of the dentition)

Dental clinic on the left bank offers you services correct dentition! The most common problem is malocclusion, partial absence of teeth, bending their position, different distances between the teeth and other. The optimal technique correct dentition – bracket system, reviews about performance speak for themselves. The alignment of the teeth braces perhaps even into adulthood. Clients who are afraid put braces in […]

Professional whitening

The radiant smile that can be obtained with professional whitening attracts not only everyone’s attention. She positively disposes to you around. However, the teeth come into contact daily with various coloring substances contained in food, cigarettes and alcohol. About the peculiarities of professional teeth whitening A snow-white smile is something that gives confidence to any […]

Cosmetic restoration

Previously, for most people beautiful teeth was only a dream, but modern aesthetic restoration of teeth helps make this dream a reality. Among dental services one of the most popular is tooth restoration. Kiev fully appreciate the benefits of such procedures, such as, teeth whitening. Cost of session and the result is quite impressive: the previously yellow teeth are pure white, even in heavy smokers. […]

Treatment of caries in Kiev

Today, tooth decay is one of the most common tooth diseases. Dentistry “Swiss-dent» It offers a procedure which will avoid the appearance of such infections – caries prevention. If the time to make an appointment in Swiss-dent, can prevent the emergence and caries treatment in future. Even small spot caries eventually turns into a thorough and costly dental treatment. Kiev underestimates the importance […]

Modern endodontics (root canal treatment)

Toothache can be a sign of inflammation of the tooth canal. Dentistry Swiss-dent offers root canal treatment services in three departments. We used the best anesthesia in dentistry. People often do not realize that the roots can heal and come to the clinic for tooth removal. Kiev and other cities of Ukraine has long been practiced root canal treatment. […]

Ultrasonic removal of dental plaque

Kind of spoils your smile dental plaque? You do not know how remove tartar and improve the appearance of teeth? The decision has! Dental clinic “Swiss Dent» specializes in removal of tartar. This service is called «ultrasonic cleaning teeth«, because the removal of dental plaque is made using a special ultrasound equipment. Ultrasonic cleaning teeth painlessly removes plaque and rocks via vibration generated and coolant. […]

Computer diagnostic of tooth

Usual dentist examination and dentist consultation can not always determine causes toothache, and also tooth disease, which are not always visible to the naked eye. dental clinic Swiss-dent offers the service «Computer video diagnostics of oral cavity», is making it possible to make examination of the teeth and gums. Examination at the dentist dental disease, inflammation of the gums and other adverse processes. Sign up […]

Restoration of the posterior teeth

реставрация зуба

Restoration of posterior teeth 700-1300 UAH High-quality restoration of teeth in Kiev Everyone wants a beautiful, all 32 smile! Undoubtedly, everyone dreams that his teeth would be beautiful, well-groomed and clean. Unfortunately, not all people have been rewarded by nature as such. That person himself in this regard, of course, indirectly, but can try. Irregular […]