Adhesive bridge prosthesis

With the development of technologies, adhesive bridge bridges are gaining in popularity: dentists have increasingly resorted to searching for an optimized method of restoring lost teeth.

The main goal was to minimize the preparation of support parts. It was possible to achieve the desired results. Adhesive bridge – a good solution to the problem. The prosthesis looks natural. Neighboring (supporting) zones cause minimal harm. The availability of this method allows the patient to save the nervous system from unnecessary stress, get rid of fear of the dental office.

What is an adhesive bridge?
The modern equipment of our dental clinics allows us to carry out the procedure of recovery as much as possible qualitatively. Experience and skill of specialists help to save supporting teeth. The safety is drawn a lot of attention in the process of prosthetics. The main difference of bridge reconstruction in comparison with the crown – healthy areas practically do not suffer. Heard from the dentist “Pontic”, “Maryland”, “Manhattan” bridge or “Rochette Retainer”, be sure – we are talking about the use of adhesive fastening. The installation process does not take much time, does not cause discomfort, passes painlessly. The “lost” is restored in 1-2 sessions.
It is important to remember, before giving preference to a particular method, it is worth consulting with the attending physician, undergo a checkup, to make sure there are no contraindications. Dental centers “Swiss-Dent” – is the quality and safety in the services of bridge prosthetics. Knowing the health of the oral cavity, knowing the budget within which to perform the operation, the dentist will determine exactly whether the situation will be corrected by an adhesive compound. Most often, it is used in the anterior area of ​​the dentition, because it is not resistant to high loads. In this case, naturalness is guaranteed by professionals.

Is there an alternative?
Adhesive systems do not suit everyone. Although they are available, the service life is from 3 to 5 years. It is necessary to monitor the condition very carefully. Therefore, an adhesive construction of this type is an excellent temporary replacement. Soon, it is better to install the implant. Compare the implant with the bridge systems does not make sense. Two completely different methods. Implantation is more effective because the chewing function is quickly resumed. Adhesive bridge prosthetics is also useful in that it makes it possible to hide the missing elements of the dentition for a while. After installation, in the attachment points, there is a possibility of secondary caries. But even with it experts cope. Contraindications to the use of adhesive bridge prosthetics – not a reason to be disappointed. Implant – a way out of the situation.
Metal ceramic and ceramic crowns can affect the functionality, so do not install opposite them. Examination of the oral cavity plays an unimportant role. Consultation with an orthopedic dentist will help you understand how to restore a radiant smile. In “Swiss-Dent” individual characteristics of a person are taken into account. And only after the survey the correct decisions are made.

What are the difficulties of courting a prosthesis?

Care requires care. Because the bridge supports can not withstand high loads. The cleaning procedure should be done carefully. Forget the use of cleaning threads. To care for the restored tooth row is best suitable rinsing. What else to remember about adhesive bridge repair? It is not uncommon for hard, viscous food to cause disturbances in normal functioning. Stick to a certain diet. Daily cleansing should be done gently. Follow the directions and advice of the attending physician, then the smile will be healthy, and leaving will not cause difficulties.

Do I have to refuse?

Definitely – no! Yes, this is a temporary option, and most often it is used to restore the front teeth. But still – this is an excellent opportunity to return the aesthetic appeal in the shortest possible time for a small price. The orthopedic doctor will inform you whether you can take advantage of the modern treatment technique with the help of an adhesive bridge prosthesis.

Among the advantages:
procedure of adhesive bridge restitution is carried out for 1-2 visits;
is established already a month after the loss;
minimal deformation – minimally invasive;
quick dismantling;
painless, no discomfort.
Ask for help in our clinic. The decision of the issue will be taken by the best specialists of the clinic.