The darkening of the teeth – causes and consequences

Hollywood smile has always been considered the best ornament of the person. But to consider it as such, it has to be perfect – the right bite, smooth dentition, snow-white enamel and absence of plaque on the teeth. But what if the teeth are suddenly for no where to start to get dark?

Today we will deal with you, our dear customers dentistry, what is the darkening of the tooth enamel, what are the causes of this phenomenon and how to fight it.

The darkening of the teeth or enamel painting?

In most cases, patients tend to confuse concepts such as darkening of the tooth and the staining of enamel. Of course, every lover of coffee, red wine or cigarettes knows how much the teeth change their color depending on the amount of use of these substances. And he knows that to get rid of this darkening can be with a conventional toothbrush.

There are many ways to spend quality teeth whitening – by professional dental bleaching to the popular recipes. It is important to understand that all of them are aimed at removing coloring substances which are contained in the wine, coffee or cigarettes, and remained on the surface of the teeth.

The enamel of the tooth itself is translucent and has a subtle whitish hue. That color, which we view reality – it is almost always the color of the dentin, which is located under the enamel. Here it just determines how white teeth we will. In previous articles we talked about the fact that the color of the dentin is influenced by heredity, and age (notice that the children’s teeth white and white, and the elderly – a bit yellowish?), And a host of other factors.

So, when the tooth changes color from within, hence the problem you need to look inside the body and do not take their own unsuccessful attempts to change the color of teeth.

Symptoms of deep darkening of the teeth

Determine that the darkening becomes not normal teeth cosmetic and aesthetic problem, but a signal to that in the body there is a possible problem such criteria:

•    tooth darkening unevenly across the surface – for example, covered by separate spots on a smooth surface or stripes through the channels on the chewing teeth;

•    darkened only one tooth and / or around it several;

•    darkening happened quickly, and did not go a long slow process;

•    and the main symptom – have appeared blackened tooth sensitivity when biting, tapping, touching, in contact with a burning or cold food and drinks, a sharp breath. Perhaps the painful tooth sensitivity – this is an urgent signal that you need to immediately run to theconsultation to the dentist, then it was not necessary to remove the tooth or resort to prosthetic.

The darkening of the teeth: the reasons are many

The reception was at the dentist is necessary first of all to find out the cause of the darkening of the teeth. Among them, most of the initial stage of the caries process, usually deep and hidden away inside the tooth, taking certain antibiotics (tetracycline), and even endemic fluorosis, that is an overabundance of fluoride in the body (endemic fluorosis). This happens most often residents regions with excess fluoride in water. But the lack of fluoride can also occur darkening of the teeth, so you should visit the dentist, and make sure that the darkening of the teeth is not connected with fluorine levels in the body.

Interestingly, the cause darkening of the teeth may even become a favorite occupation – people who are connected with the production or processing of non-ferrous metals often suffer from profound darkening of enamel and have irregular teeth color.

As you can see, types and causes darkening of the teeth there is a whole lot. To set them, and in time to deal with the scourge, you should definitely consult a dentist. In our dental clinic “Swiss Dent” we will always help you to establish the cause darkening of the teeth, hold the necessary procedures to remedy the defect and tell you, how to maintain healthy teeth and white smile!