Pregnancy is not a disease, but an excellent condition

The most beautiful moments in the life of any woman is to feel the beating of the heart inside, pushing the legs. And in these wonderful moments I want to make sure nothing is overshadowed, so that a small miracle is safe.

But it happens that if a woman has not taken care of her teeth before pregnancy, it is often during this period and there are problems with the teeth. This is due to the fact that the body of a woman works twice as much, and with insufficient amount of calcium in the body, the tooth begins to crumble.

In the article we will tell you how to treat the teeth during pregnancy.

The need for treatment
Any inflammatory process, and even more infectious, is accompanied by the release of toxins into the body of a woman, which is fraught with the development and health of the future child. Of course, the body of a woman during this period will spend all its energy on neutralization, from which strong toxicoses and even complications of pregnancy appear.

And caries can be not the only problem – during pregnancy, there is also a change in the hormonal background, so this can be the cause of gingivitis in pregnant women, which bleeds the gum, there is a smell from the mouth or the gingival tissue grows.

Therefore, as it would not be desirable to avoid a meeting with the dentist, all the same the trip to it will be the most correct decision. And the most optimal period for a visit to the dentist is the second trimester.

Anesthesia in the dentist: for and against
Many pregnant women are very afraid to do anesthesia, suggesting that it harms the child a lot. But in fact, it will be worse if you do not do it. Because pain is stress, as well as nerves that negatively impact the child.

And thanks to modern medicine, it is possible to treat under a local anesthesia of a new generation (ultracaine, primacaine, mepivastesin, etc.). Such drugs act locally, in the place where the injection is made, and penetrating into the blood, do not pass through the placenta.

Of course, there are also procedures that you do not want to do:

1. X-ray examinations should be avoided. If there was an urgent need, it is best to conduct it on modern equipment (radiovisiographs) with an irradiation level up to 15 times smaller than on X-ray machines;

2. Tooth extraction during pregnancy is done only as a last resort if acute pain and conservative method is not effective or impossible, or there is a risk of further progression;

3. Whitening teeth, which is done with chemical solutions, dangerous to the health of the baby. And also with enamel bleaching, enamel is thinned, which can lead to its destruction;

4. Implantation;

5. Treatment under general anesthesia.

Dental prophylaxis is the best doctor
Of course, going to the dentist during pregnancy is best avoided. So, you need to take care of your dental health in advance and visit a dentist and cure your teeth, or at least undergo a routine examination of the dentist.
During pregnancy, you also need special dental care:

1. Brush your teeth twice a day;

2. After eating, rinse your mouth and use a toothpick or floss;

3. For the entire pregnancy, you need to visit the dentist twice for prevention purposes.

Modern medicine allows you to treat pregnant women safely and painlessly. Therefore, do not be afraid to visit a dentist even in this beautiful period, and be sure to sign up for a free dentist’s consultation. May you and your children be healthy!