Straumann implants

Implantation was considered a traumatic procedure until the Swiss Straumann implant appeared. This innovative development allowed prosthetics with an insufficient amount of bone tissue, as well as diabetes and bone fragility.

The implant has unique characteristics – well thought-out shape and SLActive coating. The rough surface provides a strong attachment to the bone, and the thread ensures a low-impact implant in the gum. Due to this, the implant quickly takes root.

Straumann is 85% titanium. This material showed the best compatibility with the human body. It is not oxidized, durable, hypoallergenic. Install the implant becomes many times easier due to the admixture of zirconium in the composition. It makes the thinner supple, reduces the sensitivity of the surrounding teeth.

Each implant is made taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient’s oral cavity. In the production process, the most powerful microscopes are used, allowing to adjust the model to certain parameters. After manufacture, the product is tested several times under laboratory conditions.

Where to install the Straumann implant in Kiev

The Straumann technology is successfully practiced by specialists of the Swiss-Dent clinic. For high-quality, fast, and most importantly – a painless installation here has all the necessary equipment:

  • A CT scanner provides information about the condition of a patient’s teeth. For completeness, a panoramic picture of the jaw and x-rays are taken. This way, diseases of the oral cavity are revealed that are inaccessible to the doctor’s naked eye.
  • With the help of the latest digital scanners, the patient’s jaw is printed. The computer model allows you to better see the area that requires implantation. The print looks better than in the case of biting mass, because the technique is involved in its creation.
  • The resulting model is printed on a 3D printer. It is used as a permanent prosthesis. The color of the artificial tooth row is pre-adjusted to the shade of the natural tooth.

Due to the high price of the implant, the dentists Swississ dentists talk through all the necessary prosthetic steps with the patient. The final cost includes the research cycle, the preparation of the patient for prosthetics, the creation of the structure and its installation. Consultation with a doctor is free, so you can contact the clinic even if others have refused your treatment.

Straumann Implant Types

Dentists of the Kiev clinic use an implant from the Straumann line in five variations. Each has its own unique form and is designed for a specific clinical picture:

  • Standart – differs absolutely smooth core and wide base. Designed for a healthy jaw with a sufficiently large amount of bone tissue. The implantation of the construction is low-impact and often does not require a gum incision. The implant is suitable for single-stage prosthetics.
  • Standard Plus – has a shortened base, due to which it is possible to successfully carry out implantation in the visible areas of the dentition. Both closed and open implant healing may be allowed. The Narrow Neck model with an external connection is also available from this series
  • Tapered Effect – as close as possible to the root of a natural tooth. The cylindrical rod ensures fast implantation of the implant. The outer part is cone-shaped, that is as close as possible to the natural root.
  • Bone Level Implants – this design does not have a neck and is intended for complete immersion of the implant in the bone. There are two types – the first is designed for prosthetics with an instantaneous load, the second is for two-stage prosthetics.

The speed of engraftment is ensured by sandblasting. Due to the rough surface of the implant covers a greater density of the gums, providing a uniform load. Its hydrophilic properties provide faster growth of new tissues.

Straumann Implant Installation Benefits

The implants are very popular among patients, and all because they have several unique advantages:

  • Serves from 10 years due to material strength
  • Easy to install into any jaw
  • Lives in comparison with peers very quickly – up to 30 days
  • Minimizes the risk of rejection
  • Allows you to quickly restore the function of a lost tooth and avoid atrophy of the gums.
  • Swiss quality and full compliance with the required parameters

The fine implant has only one drawback and this is a high cost. However, the price is justified by the complexity of production. If you want to install a penalty with a lifetime warranty, contact the Swiss-Dent clinic. Here work professionals with years of experience. We are located in Kiev at:

  • Left Bank, Kiev, st. Boryspil 4,
  • Right Bank, Kiev, st. Zhilyanskaya, 47,
  • Brovary: st. Kiev 245 (forest quarter)