Tooth implantation system Alpha Bio

Alpha Bio is the leading manufacturer of dental implants in Israel. The company has been producing materials for prosthetics for 25 years. During this time, it was possible to accumulate invaluable experience with implants: to make the implant implantation painless, and engraftment quick.

The advantages of Alpha Bio dental implants are embedded in the components. They are made of titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V, as well as aluminum and vanadium, which ensures the stability of the artificial tooth and its durability. Affordable price along with quality makes the Alpha Bio implant a favorite material for dentists.

Swiss-Dent doctors use Alpha Bio when they want prosthetics on an implant. This approach ensures the reliability of the installation, but at the same time makes the procedure accessible to the middle class. The implant is diverse and can be selected for each case.

Types of Alpha Bio dental implants and their installation

Modern implant of this type can be divided into 4 types:

  • Alpha-Tec (rough) – suitable for inserting an implant into the gum without atrophic changes and pathologies
  • Dualfit (conical) – used when the implant is implanted in a loose bone.
  • Spiral – used if you need to install an implant in an atrophied bone
  • Arrow Press – suitable for holding dentures on an implant

The implant is installed in a standard way in several stages. First, a diagnosis is carried out, then an implant and an abutment are installed. To try on yourself all the benefits of an Israeli implant, look for a Swiss-Dent dental clinic in Kiev. It is located at:


  • Left Bank, st. Boryspil 4,
  • Right bank of st. Zhilyanskaya 47


  • st. Kiev 245 (forest quarter).